March 7th TEDxBoston


TIME: 10:15 AM – 8:00 PM
VENUE: The 'Quin House


Opens at 10:15 AM, Block starts at 11AM

Jaylen Brown

Boston Celtic; Team USA

11:00 AM – Education innovation

David Kong

Director, Community Biotechnology Initiative at MIT

11:12 AM – How to grow anything

Hayley Reardon

Singer & Songwriter

11: 24 AM – Folk + Flamenco

Pau Figueres

Guitarist, Composer, Producer

11:24 AM – Folk + Flamenco

Tal Zaks

Physician Scientist; former Chief Medical Officer, Moderna

11: 36 AM – Journey of a medical officer

Lavina Talukdar

Vice President, Moderna

11:48 PM – Changing patient care with the first digital medicine platform

Juan Enriquez

Author, Life Science Investor


Khalid Shah

Vice Chairman Neurosurgery, Founder and Director CSTI BWH-Harvard Med. School

12:00 PM – Repurposing cancer cells

Nir Barzilai

Professor & Director of the Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine

12:12 PM – Longevity science

Harald Ott

Principal Investigator, Ott Lab for Organ Engineering & Regeneration; Thoracic Surgeon, MGH

12:24 PM – Organ engineering

Jennifer Buell

CEO, MiNK Therapeutics

12:36 PM – Living medicine

Ana Pantelic

Executive Director, MIT D-Lab

12:48 PM – Disrupting poverty

Paul English

Founder of Kayak, four other startups and four nonprofits

1:00 PM – Life lessons


Opens at 1:45 PM, Block starts at 2:30 PM

Jonatan Lopez

Professional Beatboxer, Live Electronic Techno Musician and Artist

2:30 PM – Beat Box performance

Mike Lynch

Longtime WCVB Anchor Co-Host Bloomberg “Business of Sports”

2:42 PM – Price for success

Monica Geraffo

Fashion Historian

2:54 PM – Superhero fashion

Carol Novello

Founder and Author at Mutual Rescue; Board Member at CUDDLY, Inc.

3:06 PM – Mutual rescue

Kendall Spencer

Lawyer, Pro Athlete, Tech Scholar. Fomer NCAA Board Member

3:18 PM – Changing sports

Vladimir Bulovic

Professor of Emerging Technology, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)

3:30 PM – Nano-tech

Larry Nagler

1960 NCAA Tennis Singles & Doubles Champion; Tennis Association Hall of Fame; Attorney

3:42 PM – Evolution of tennis

Jeff Grantz

Director & Creative Technologist at DCL

3:54 PM – Art for transformation

Silvia Lopez Chavez

Chavez Art + Design Studio, Founder, Artist and Designer

4:06 PM – Transformative Murals

Chris Ullman

Founder & President of Ullman Communications LLC

4:18 PM – Sharing your simple gift


Opens at 4:45 PM, Block starts at 5:30 PM

Leah Ellis

Co-Founder and CEO, Sublime Systems

5:30 PM – Decarbonizing concrete

Gihan Amarasiriwardena

Co-Founder & President, Ministry of Supply

5:42 PM – Decarbonizing clothing

Mark Schatzker

Award-winning Author of: Steak, The Dorito Effect, & The End of Craving

5:54 PM – Epidemic of craving

Dave Troy

Serial Entrepreneur & CEO, 410Labs

6:06 PM – Hybrid warfare, disinfo, and emerging threats in Ukraine & Russia

Steven Hassan

Director of Freedom of Mind Resource Center, Inc.

6:18 PM – Reality-testing

David Chang

Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

6:30 PM – Raising for startups

Greg LoPiccolo

CEO, ToneStone

6:42 PM – Future of music

Nicole Lazzaro

President and Founder at XEODesign, Inc.

6:54 PM – Why I am building the meataverse

Ben Von Wong

Viral Epic Photographer

7:06 PM – Unconventional artivism

Cameron Porter

Head of Crypto @ Ac0, Pro Soccer Player

7:18 PM – Our Future on Web3

Sam Englebardt

General Partner, Galaxy Interactive and Co-founder and Partner, Galaxy Digital

7:30 PM – Self-sovereign individuals on the digital frontier

Alex Josephson

Co-Founder PARTISANS & Lecturer at University of Toronto

7:42 PM – Gamifying death

About Venue

Venue: The 'Quin House
Address: 217 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA 02116

Housed in one of the Back Bay’s most historic and glamorous buildings, The ‘Quin House – formerly the 1888 Algonquin Club – is an aesthetically-stunning playground that aspires to inspire and enrich its community through its thoughtful programming, epicurean adventures, world-class art collection and through its philanthropic arm, The ‘Quin Impact Fund. Encompassing 56,000 square feet, The ‘Quin House is a six-floor architectural gem – reimagined by Founders Sandy and Paul Edgerley, Creative Director, Ken Fulk and Managing Director, Matthias Kiehm. Comprised of four restaurants, six lounges, three bars, eight guest quarters, a roof deck, a fitness and wellness center as well as a collection of private event spaces where a varied cross-generational group of the region’s interesting and interested leaders, creators and innovators – meet, work and play.

The club is an oasis in the heart of Boston – home to the world’s most distinguished institutions of higher learning, prestigious hospitals, and cutting-edge medical research. We’re a center of tech innovation, entrepreneurial development, and philanthropy; and the nation’s leading legal, investment and finance firms all have offices here. Our community exists because of the drive and passion of extraordinary individuals with varied experiences, knowledge, beliefs and capabilities. The ‘Quin’s desire to connect amazing people is based on the belief that a simple introduction can lead to new bonds, new ideas and priceless new memories.

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