November – Planetary Stewardship

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In embracing our role as stewards of this planet, we have until now mostly admitted to the destructiveness of our activities, with very little to show for how to correct this behavior. We have much of the technology needed to conduct our activities in an environmentally sustainable manner, but lack the social willpower to do so. This program explores the economic and social structure of several major systems: energy, mobility, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, plastics, resource exploration and extraction, etc., and how they interact with nature’s great systems: atmosphere (air), lithosphere (soil and rock), hydrosphere (oceans), and biosphere (flora and fauna), We shall explore initiatives to reduce and reverse environmental damage caused by human endeavors, and bring together community activists who feel compelled to force that change with as scientists who are helping to solve these problems, and we will recognize and seek to understand the historical practices of indigenous people to live sustainably, current ways to harness natural processes to continue our activities without polluting, and how we can learn from these examples. We are curating speakers who are actively involved in policy, planning and implementation that defines the current relationship between humanity and the planet, the social challenges facing humanity in the transition from destructive to symbiotic engagement with the planet’s great systems.

Carmichael Roberts

Entrepreneurial Investor

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