November – Planetary Stewardship


TIME: 1:00 PM – 8:00 PM


Alexander More

Associate Professor of Environmental Health & Chair/Director, Climate Change & Public Health.

Ann Rosenberg

SVP Sustainability Solutions at Wood

Alexis Krauss

Musician and Outdoor Educator

Brewster Shaw

Former Astronaut @ NASA, Pilot of Space Shuttle Columbia

Ben Schwegler


Björn Lütjens

PHD Candidate

Brad Palmer

Social Entrepreneur

Cady Coleman

Former NASA Astronaut, Scientist, Explorer

Caroline Spears

Executive Director at Climate Cabinet

Carl Page

President Anthropocene Institute

Carmichael Roberts

Entrepreneur, Founder Material Impact

Cathy Stone

President At Stone Foundation

Chris MacAskill

Geophysicist & Founder at PlantChompers

Christine Harada

Federal Permitting Improvement Steering Council

Craig Ratajczyk

CEO of Crop One Holdings (FreshBox Farms)

Cully Cavness

Co-Founder, President & COO Of Crusoe Energy Systems LLC

Daniel Kleinman

Founder & CEO Of Seaworthy Collective

Deblina Sarkar

Assistant Professor; Founder and Director of Nano-Cybernetic Biotrek research lab @MIT

Daniela Rus

Director of MIT CSAIL

Dava Newman

Director, MIT Media Lab; Apollo Program Professor of Astronautics MIT

David Des Marais

Professor @MIT

Paul Shapiro

CEO Of The Better Meat Co

Dean Kamen

Inventor & Founder, DEKA Research & Development

Desriee Plata

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering @MIT

Donald Pettit

Astronaut @NASA

Eric Trusiewicz

Entrepreneur In Residence Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Erica Minnihan

Founder & General Partner @Reign Ventures

Erica Walker

Professor of Epidemiology @BrownUniversity

Erin Baker

Professor & Faculty Director of The Energy Transition Institute, Renewable energy and social equality @UMass

Fred Jennings

President Of EconoLogistics

Frank Hiroshi Ling

Chief Scientist At Anthropocene Institute

Giana Amador

Co-Founder & Policy Director at Carbon 180

Ginger Cassidy

Executive Director At Rain Forest Action Network

Glenn Weinreb

Director The Manhattan 2 Project

Greg Kats

Founder & CEO, Smart Surfaces Coalition

Greg Watson

Director of Policy and Systems Design @Schumacher Center for a New Economics

Gregor Semieniuk

Professor, Economics, UMass

Heather White

Founder & CEO @OneGreenThing

Hilary Vogelbaum

Clean Energy Investment Analyst @ S2G Ventures

Heidi Bialk

Vice President of Global Product Safety and Green Chemistry @The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.

Jan-Georg Rosenboom

Chemical Engineer

Jasmina Aganovic

CEO @Arcaea

Jason Petralia

CEO @Anthropogenic

Jeff Hoffman

Former Astronaut & Professor of Astronautics

Jiabao Li

Designer & Artist

John Hansman

Professor in Aeronautics & Director

John Kerry

Special Presidential Envoy for Climate

Jonathan Foley

Executive Director @Project Drawdown

Jonathan Levy

Professor Of Environmental Health @BU

Jonathan DeLong

Executive Director at REAP Climate Center

Josh Simpson

World Renowned Glass Artist

Juan Enriquez

Author, Teacher, & VC

Kelsey Wirth

Co-Founder & Chair Of Mothers Out Front

Ken Pucker

Senior Lecturer at Tufts Fletcher School and ex COO of Timberland

Kent Larson

Director, City Science @MIT Media Lab

Kongjian Yu

Professor, Graduate School of Landscape Architecture; President & Principal @Peking & Turenscape

Landolf Rhode-Barbarigos

Professor at Department of Civil & Architectural Engineering @University Of Miami

Laura Turner Seydel

Chair At Captain Planet Foundation

Laurel Jackson

Education for Global Citizenship, Children's Media and Literature, Social justice

Leah Ellis

Co-Founder and CEO, Sublime Systems

Leah Penniman

Co-Founder Soul Fire Farm, Author Farming While Black

Lejjy Gafour

Biotechnology Startups & Investment At Cult Food Science

Lindsey Brannon

Co-Founder Of Rainbow Produce

Lisa Foster

Eco-Entrepreneur & Author

Luis Alonso Pastor

Research Scientist @MIT Media Lab

Mark Bittman

Journalist & Author

Mathew Barlow

Professor, Environmental Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Climate Change Initiative @UMass

Matt Houde

Cofounder, Project Manager At Quaise

Meghan Olson

Director of MycoComposites at Ecovative

Maya Dutta

Forestmaker & Environmental Advocate @ Bio4Climate

Melany Kahn

Second Generation Forager & Author

Michael Rawlins

Professor @UMass

Mindy Lubber

CEO and President Of Ceres

Molly Holmberg Brown

Artist/Owner MollyMaps

Molly Burhans

Executive Director and Founder Of GoodLands

Natalie Jeremijenko

Artist, Engineer, Professor and xPHYSICIAN

Neil Hunt

18 Year Chief Product Officer, Netflix; Chief Product Officer, Vibrant Planet

Neri Karra Sillaman

Founder Of Moda Métiers

Nikolas Goodich

Luminous Public Artist

Nora LaTorre

CEO Of Eat Real

Perry Raso

CEO, Matunuck Oyster Farm

Peter de Menocal

President & Director Of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Phil Gregory

Co-Lead Counsel in Juliana v. United States

Raffaele Ferrari

Oceanographer & Professor @MIT

Ranjana Bhandari

Executive Director At Liveable Arlington

Rebecca Herst

Director Of UMass Boston Sustainable Solutions Lab

Robin Wall Kimmerer

Scientist, Professor, Member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation & Author

Russ Wilcox

Founder & CEO, LocalAIze

Ryan Killackey

Director, Producer, Cinematographer & Writer

Sachem HawkStorm

Chief of the Schaghticoke People

Soumya Sudhakar

PhD Student @MIT

Sertac Karaman

Aeronautics and Astronautics Professor, MIT & Director, Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS)

Shelly Zhang

Founder and CEO Of Molten Materials

Simon Mainwaring

Founder & CEO Of We First Inc

Sora Kim

Professor, Life and Environmental Sciences At The University of California Merced

Stephen Wilkes

Photographer/ Artist/ Filmaker

Tania Roa

Co-founder of Closing the Gap

Tesha McCord Poe

Founder & CEO Of Joy-Raising

Togzhan Kassenova

Senior Fellow, Center for Policy Research @ University at Albany

Tu David Phu

Top Chef Alumnus, Story Teller, Vietnamese Diaspora

Tyler Winkler

Geologist and Geophysicist

Valerie Shen

Partner, G2 Venture Partners

Vinod Khosla

Partner At Khosla Ventures

Yaniv Altshuler

Entrepreneur, Researcher @MIT

Yet-Ming Chiang

Professor @MIT's Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Yuly Fuentes

MIT the future of Fabrics – Advisor Closed Loop Partners

Zeyneb Magavi

Co-Executive Director Of HEET

The Events Purpose

In embracing our role as stewards of this planet, we have until now mostly admitted to the destructiveness of our activities, with very little to show for how to correct this behavior. We have much of the technology needed to conduct our activities in an environmentally sustainable manner, but lack the social willpower to do so. This program explores the economic and social structure of several major systems: energy, mobility, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, plastics, resource exploration and extraction, etc., and how they interact with nature’s great systems: atmosphere (air), lithosphere (soil and rock), hydrosphere (oceans), and biosphere (flora and fauna), We shall explore initiatives to reduce and reverse environmental damage caused by human endeavors, and bring together community activists who feel compelled to force that change with as scientists who are helping to solve these problems, and we will recognize and seek to understand the historical practices of indigenous people to live sustainably, current ways to harness natural processes to continue our activities without polluting, and how we can learn from these examples. We are curating speakers who are actively involved in policy, planning and implementation that defines the current relationship between humanity and the planet, the social challenges facing humanity in the transition from destructive to symbiotic engagement with the planet’s great systems.

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