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Zimman’s is our Style Star

zimmansTEDxBeaconStreet is a FREE event staffed by a community of volunteers. We rely on sponsors to provide us with the means to produce our amazing events.

Thank you to Michael Zimman and Patty Forster and the entire Zimman’s team for investing in Ideas In Action/TEDxBeaconStreet! Not only is Zimman’s a Star level sponsor, but they will be staging and decorating our Green Room, making it a warm and welcoming space for our speakers as they prep for the talk of their lives.

From the Industrial Age to the Digital Age, Zimman’s has been helping people create stylish environments for 104 years and it is now the country’s largest textile and design store.

Zimman’s has designed spaces for CEOs, rock stars, award-winning authors and diplomats. ¬†Celebrity chefs from Lydia Shire to Todd English have looked to Zimman’s to add stylish inspiration to their restaurants. ¬†Hollywood set designers have made Zimman’s their go-to place for the furnishings and fabrics used in movies filmed in Boston, including Moonrise Kingdom, The Departed, Shutter Island, The Fighter, Grown Ups and many others.

It all sounds like it should be happening out of some chic building in Boston, yet Zimman’s remains true to its birthplace, Lynn, Massachusetts.