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What an amazing day!

We are so grateful to our community for all their hard work and enthusiasm for the great ideas our Speakers put forward. cheyenne

We had over 3,000 people come together to celebrate the sharing of knowledge and excitement in November, and the enthusiasm has carried us forward
into post-event projects! We’ll be sure to share them with you soon.
We saw lots of special moments in our hallways this November. People laughed, cried, met their heroes, and opened their eyes to new things. Some of our Speakers are used to the spotlight, and others took the stage for the first time, but they all did an amazing job, supported by our engaged and enthusiastic audience.

We want to thank our community, including our sponsors Swissbakers, Curate, Kind, Essentia, Bergmeyer, Yogibo, and Liberty Mutual.
We would also like to thank the dozens of volunteers who worked behind the scenes, checking in visitors, moving furniture, running errands, and doing dozens of other tasks to make sure our audience had a good experience. We could not run the event without you.marcoWe look forward to sharing the talks from our amazing event with our community soon – stay tuned!