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Can’t Attend? Host a Viewing Party

As fun as our onsite events are, we know that not everybody can make it to the Lincoln School this weekend.

Don’t worry!

You can still be an important part of our event as it’s happening! We’re all about putting ideas in action across the world, which means opening our community to you, wherever you are.

You don’t even need to miss a single talk. The talks will be live-streamed right from our home page. No login is required; just go to the page, and watch our Speakers give the talks of their lives. Invite some friends for a viewing party, and you’ve got a great mini-event!

While you’re watching, check in with us! Go to our Fun Facts page and find yourself, then post in the comments to claim your fact.
Join us on social media with our Twitter handle, @TEDxBeaconSt, for live updates from our auditorium, and let us know where you’re watching from. Even better, send us a picture of yourself watching the talks from a Yogibo you took home from a previous TEDxBeaconStreet event.
(Don’t worry, the Yogibos are coming back!)

During the breaks, see if you can finish this crossword puzzle of Speaker trivia. We’ll post the results next week.

Don’t miss out on this immersive weekend of great ideas!