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VERNA MYERS is today’s TED talk

Dear Friends,
We’ve reached a milestone today: TED.com has reposted the first talk from TEDxBeaconStreet 2014.


This is a moment to celebrate your contribution to the event.  As our talks spread all over the world, remember that it’s not just the speakers who have earned this.

The video and audio quality make their ideas come through clearly. The set and lighting design set the stage for deep thoughts. The reaction shots from a diverse, engaged audience prompt viewers to take it as seriously (and have as much fun) as we did. Professional makeup artists and photographers made speakers rise to the occasion.

This is an endorsement of Verna’s talk and the quality of our work together last November. Thanks to all who participated in rehearsals and private coaching sessions to make sure speakers gave the talk of their lives. This is just the beginning of a major extension of the reach of the ideas we are turning into action.

None of this would be possible without the countless contributions of time, talent, and money that you have made.  We are so grateful to be working with you to create something so special.

Thank you, and congratulations.

Go to TED.com with pride, and view Verna Myers’ talk.  You also can be one of the first to comment on Verna’s talk on TED.com or check out her follow up interview with TED Ideas blog HERE.

Also see and share Karyn Knight-Detering’s depiction of the talk: