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Upon Reflection

It’s a big world out there.

We at TEDxBeaconStreet are lucky, in that we’re constantly reminded of the amazing possibilities in the world. There’s a huge diversity of knowledge, discovery, ambition, and creativity, and we get to feature a little bit of everything on our stage. As an organization, we have a more diverse membership than most: our community includes teachers, students, astronauts, bankers, stay-at-home parents, actors, athletes, writers, politicians, musicians, and more. We have talks about leadership, racial injustice, solar energy, and burpees. We’ve run adventures at Fenway Park and out in Boston Harbor, in an artist’s studio and at an underwater research lab. Our Adventure Catalysts hail from six different continents.

This diversity gives us access to a tremendous body of knowledge. Every person who comes to our conference, who comments on our blog, or who shares a video with a friend adds to the strength of our community.

We value this diversity because it makes new things possible. The conversations at our events are unique; you never know whom you’ll meet, or what you’ll learn. We strive to put ideas into action, and we ourselves act on the idea that more knowledge, more community, and more shared experience makes for more positive change in the world.

Recently, we have seen this idea come under attack. The terrible tragedy of the shooting in Orlando last weekend and the debates that have arisen from it are a disappointing reminder that we are not yet done communicating the value of diversity, or the value of the people who create it.

We stand with our community and all its members, in Boston and around the globe. TEDxBeaconStreet would not be able to achieve its goals without our diverse and supportive membership. We are grateful to our fantastic community, and we hope to continue serving as an example of what is possible when everyone is allowed to shine.


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