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Turning Your Misfortune Into Fortune

One day Colleen Suhanosky was a successful restaurant owner, wife, and mother of three, and the next day it all changed. Colleen didn’t expect to lose everything, but she found herself a single mother of three with no sustainable income or childcare.

Instead of giving up, she dug in and relied on what she knew about bringing people together around the table to create a new life for herself. Colleen opened Rifrullo Cafe in Brookline, MA where she is the founder and manager.

This period of their life stretched her family farther than they every thought they were capable of handling. Working day and night while coming home late to help her kids with homework and keeping the house together, they developed the ideal to created value in every moment of the day.

Colleen says, “The struggle that I went through to realize a dream – the losing it all and the nothingness I was left with was actually the catalyst to transform my small shadow life into a contributing community member, a joyful mother, sister, daughter, aunt, even ex-wife with thriving kids.”

Rifrullo Cafe

Colleen is a strong believer in encouraging others to their own victories. She is proud of her kids for developing perseverance from this experience that has made them independent and strong young adults. The life she found is richer, more rewarding, and more connected than she could have hoped, and she shares those lessons and values with us so we, too, can be resilient.