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The Many Musical Minds of TEDxBeaconStreet

musicians2In just a few days we will be inspired by the many minds on stage at TEDxBeaconStreet. What the diversity brought to the stage in genre – from Genetics to Business Leaders to InventorsĀ  – is complimented by the breadth within genre.

You can expect to see no less than 7 types of music on stage and at out Escape Velocity Party, ranging from classical individuals to harmonizing groups. Let’s spotlight a few of them.

…And one more person who’s story I’d like to focus on.

Uzman Riaz is a brilliant Pakistani musician who has earned the title of TED fellow. You can see his profound talent at TEDxPuraVida as he discussed how the Internet taught him to explore new types of music.

Usman Riaz at TEDxPuraVida

The full schedule of speakers is here. We hope to have you join us for this beautiful music and incredible people.