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TEDxYouth just got SUPER comfy and bright with YOGIBO fun!

Thanks to Yogibo, the Lincoln School will be outfitted with 75 enormous Yogi Max

And trust us, you’ve got to experience them to believe how fun and comfy they are!

Eyal Levy founded Yogibo in 2009, bringing their new-fangled, super-comfy and supportive lounge bags on the road to outdoor events and craft shows. “Ooooo”, people said. “Ahhhh”, they repeated. And Yogibo caught on, like wildfire.

The first Yogibo store opened in the Natick Mall and was soon followed by 8 more locations including Burlington Mall and South Shore Plaza in Braintree.

TEDxBeaconStreet will let you experience the only furniture that loves you back! Great gift for the holidays.  Check out this video for a preview!