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TEDxDeExtinction Simulcast

The TEDxBeaconStreet community hosted a simulcast of TEDxDeExtinction on Friday March 15, 9 AM-4 PM,  at our “Superhero” partner 40 Berkeley in Boston’s South End.
The conference was in partnership with the National Geographic Society, and showcased the prospects of bringing extinct species back to life, along with a discussion of the ethical issues this raises.
The event was organized by long-time TEDsters Ryan Phelan, and Stewart Brand. Brand recently gave a talk (you can find it here) on the topic on the TED 2013 stage.
25 amazing speakers were lined up for a very intriguing program.
The day-long program was divided into 4 sessions:
1. Who among extinct species should be revived first?
2. How can extinct species be revived?
3. Should we bring back extinct species?
4. How would it work for some extinct species to be wild again?