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TEDxBeaconStreet Salon @ Franklin Park Zoo

Still Time to Get Your Ticket!

Join us this Sat, Jun 16th at the Franklin Park Zoo 5-8:30pm. We have Speakers in a Baird’s Tapir exhibit giving talks, as well as simulcasting their talks to the seven gorillas next door; you decide where you want watch! Come join us, we would love to have you!

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We Asked The First 200 Registered Their Favorite Animal…

50 Dog
25 Cat
15 Tiger
9 Giraffe & Lion
6 Whale, Monkey & Panda
5 Platypus, Tapir & Sloths
4 Horse, Human & Bear
3 Dolphin, Badger, Gorilla, Otters & Chimpanzees
2 Elephant, Leopard, Swan, Rabbit, Turtle, Cheetah
1 Plants, Eagle, Snowy Owls, Shark, Sugar Glider, Moth, Blue-footed Booby, Unicorn, Cougar, Seal, Salmon, Manatee, Koala, Birds, Penguin & Zebra

… And For Fun Facts!

“I took a gap year right after high school and spent some time teaching in Ghana”
“I once participated in a 12-hour reading of John Milton’s epic poem “Paradise Lost,” complete with interpretive dance, a gangster Satan, and a football game of angels vs. demons.”
“I grew up on a Christmas Tree Farm”
“I have a twin sister who shared a different last name with me. My parents wanted it to be fair so I have the last name of my mom and my sister has the last name of my dad.”
“I walked 20 miles in the walk for hunger 2017”
“I can put spin on a bowling ball”



The Speakers are gearing up for a great event. Included with registration, aside from our amazing Speakers, is access to the entire Zoo and the robotic dinosaur exhibit!