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TEDxBeaconStreet In Your Home

We can’t believe it’s finally here! TEDxBeaconStreet is this weekend. Our speakers are ready and our team is buzzing with excitement.

Even better, the talks aren’t confined to the Lincoln School! You can watch them from anywhere – that’s right, ANYWHERE with an internet connection. All our talks on Saturday and Sunday will be simulcast right here, on tedxbeaconstreet.com.

In fact, we encourage you to throw simulcast parties! Invite your friends, your family, your neighbors, and your colleagues to come share this great learning experience with you. We want to share ideas with the whole community, so start by sharing them in your immediate surroundings.

In order to help you bring the TEDxBeaconStreet experience to wherever you are, we’ve put together a couple of ways for you to engage with our Speakers. Play Simulcast Bingo (click here for the board), and post your number of wins on this page. During breaks, or on your way around town, play our TEDxBeaconStreet 2015 Playlist! Lots of our Speakers are incredible musicians, and we have even more musicians coming to play at our Escape Velocity party tonight; get to know all these talented people through their songs.

Last but not least, engage with us on social media. Our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds are active and waiting for your input. We love to hear from our community, so please post away!

Thanks for being part of our community. We look forward to hearing from you!