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TEDxBeaconStreet Gets Social

At TEDxBeaconStreet, we’re all about Ideas in Action. And we always ask ourselves – what’s the best way to connect and spark ideas and action? Our response to our own question? A whole LOT of fun.

TEDxBeaconStreet included FIVE parties

  • Adventure Catalysts’ Welcome Party at Patrick Lyon’s Back Bay restaurant Towne
  • Escape Velocity Party at the MIT Museum
  • Mass Challenge After Party in South Boston, in a penthouse with a sweet view of Boston Harbor
  • Speaker Party held at the Brookline home of Tina Cassidy and Anthony Flint
  • Google Simulcast Party

And there were at least five more house parties

  • Larry Lessig and Bettina Neufiend
  • Dick and Pattie Simon
  • Tim and Corinne Ferguson
  • Anne Turner and Harry Bohr
  • Peter and Richie Vanderwarker

We also ate some great food

and heard some killer music

Our friends invited TEDx-ers to their homes

and we’ve been tearing up the dance floor at our adventures!

Where will we turn up next? Join us for laughter, learning, and fun!