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TEDxBeaconStreet at TED 2013

This week the premiere annual TED conference in Long Beach is taking place as well as the companion event TEDActive. TEDxBeaconStreet leadership and speakers are there in force!

TEDShotSee more pictures HERE

Speaking on the main stage at TED:
Larry Lessig – TEDxBeaconStreet Superhero
Raghava KK TEDxBeaconStreet Braintrust
Juan Enriquez – TEDxBeaconStreet Curator and 2013 speaker
Skylar Tibbits – TED Senior fellow, presented on stage and at TED Annual Report, TEDxBeaconStreet Curator

Audience at TED or TEDActive:
Ramesh Raskar – TEDxBeaconStreet 2012 Speaker, TEDxBeaconStreet Braintrust
Sunny Bates – TED board member, TEDxBeaconStreet Braintrust
John Werner – TEDxBeaconStreet founder, Leading a deep dive on Adventures, Sharing a 7 min photo essay with 400 TEDx curators, Interviewed for 5 year anniversary video produced by Wondrous, Organizing 2 Bike Adventures for 100+ TEDsters – one 15 and another 50 miles , Recruiting TEDx Curators to be 2013 Adventure Catalysts
Laura Colcord – TEDxBeaconStreet leadership, Co-hosted deep dive on Adventures with John Werner, participating in TEDActive, Recruiting TEDx curators to be 2013 Adventure Catalysts
Tony Flint – TEDxBeaconStreet 2012 speaker, reporting on TED and the TED prize for The Atlantic
Ester Wojcicki – TEDxBeaconStreet 2012 speaker (which is similar to the the TED Prize topic), her son-in-law Sergey Brin presented Google Glass from stage
Bettina Neuefeind – TEDxBeaconStreet Braintrust member, cheering on husband Larry Lessig – speaker on stage
Steven LevyTEDxBeaconStreet 2012 speaker, Senior Writer for Wired covering TED
Marla Mitchnick – TEDxBeaconStreet Curator, TED film and video editor is producing a video at TEDActive
David Webber – TEDxTalks Manager is staffing TEDActive and presented on TEDx
Kerah Cottrell – TEDxBeaconStreet 2012 speaker

Adventure Catalysts at TED or TED Active:
Stacy Kontrabecki, Johnny Bosche, Alexander Grgurich, Daniel Gurevich, Kat Haber, Matt Kane, Phil Klein, John Marston, Ramy Nassar, Dave Troy, Amy Robinson, Arthur Zards, Nate Mook, Rebeca Zuniga

Chris Anderson head curator of TED invited 6 people from TED community, including John Werner to solve a challenge known as Voice Mail Hell. The team has committed to find some kind of solution to the Challenge by the end of this week and if TED thinks its strong will announced it in the final session at TED Long Beach and communicated to 1,800 attendees in writing after the conference.  Anders Brownworth programmed an app demo for an Android phone.  He and Frank Kellerher worked on a video for the Friday Main stage presentation.  Fresh tilled soil, a TEDxBeaconStreet Superhero is creating the landing page and others are also helping with this important challenge.

Managing the TED Simulcast on February 27 in Cambridge at the Whitehead Institute and the MIT Media Lab:
TEDxBeaconStreet leadership – Colin Brauns, Bruce Hecht, Colin Stokes, Taya Leary , Sonja Plesset