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TEDx Beacon Street at Fenway Park

Taking place in one of Boston’s classic cultural attractions, our TEDxBeaconStreetSalon, Theme Perspectives at Fenway was filled with art, culture, music, education, medicine and so much more. Our Speakers performed magic tricks, demonstrated new technology, showed boomerangs, shared their experiences working in the baseball industry, and so much more! We had four musical performances through out the event – a jazz band, an accordionist, a violinist, and an opera singer!

Our audience was just as interesting and diverse. Someone even visited from Saudi Arabia to see his favorite magician, Adam Wilbur, give his talk.

The event was divided into 4 blocks, each held in different locations around Fenway – like a moveable feast. Speakers had the opportunity to give their talks in front of stunning views of both the park and downtown Boston.

We kicked off the event at Fenway’s Vineyard Vines Club, where Linda Henry, Managing Director of the Boston Globe and co-founder and head of HUBweek gave an interview.

The second block took place in the Green Monster. It featured several amazing Speakers, including World Boomerang Champion John Anthony and Fabio Duarte, an MIT research scientist reimagining the future of cities. We got to hear from people in the sports industry, including former professional soccer player Rebekah Salwasser.

For block 3 we walked over to the Bull Pen where we heard from Speakers like David Mellor, Senior Director of Grounds, and Sharon Levy, a doctor at Boston Children’s who works on adolescent substance abuse. She works just a block away from Fenway Park!

Mikhail Fridberg, CEO of Bounce Imaging, showed the camera he developed for first responders in emergency situations.

Last but not least, Speakers in the fourth block gave talks from behind home plate. We heard a talk from Daniel Laby, the ophthalmologist worked with many pro baseball players, and poems from Dick Flavin, who has announcer 100s of professional games and poet laureate. We also got to hear from Andy Andres, a professor at BU who teaches a course on baseball analytics.

The event was themed “perspectives,” and we got to hear from such an incredible range of them! Be sure to stay tuned on https://tedxbeaconstreet.com videos, blogs, and pictures!

For more information about Speakers, click here.