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TEDx Beacon St. @EY

Last night our extensive list of speakers covered a broad range of fields, relating their talks to the technology theme. It was fascinating to see how technology is not just relevant in STEM, but also law, pediatrics, psychology, history, and more. Check out our speakers bios to learn more!

  • YeSeul Kim talked about Kendall Square as a hotbed for life-changing emerging tech.
  • Benjamin Von Wong displayed his epic photography skills.
  • Taylor Milsal discussed Pixie Dust, a compound that could potentially help save the environment!
  • Daniel Hashimoto talked about ways we can decrease surgical complications through innovative technology in the OR.
  • Jim Freedman discussed his work in emerging tech discovery and distribution.
  • Lucy Marcil talked about how understanding patient’s financial situations can improve the health field.
  • Francisco Aguilar talked about how he develops advanced cameras for first-responders in emergencies.
  • LaNell Williams discussed her research, using physics to combat viruses.
  • Sharon Goldberg talked about making cryptocurrency more secure with blockchain.
  • Benjamin Alarie introduced the connection between law and AI.
  • Arjun Mendhi introduced MTonomy, an organization that autonomizes digital media.
  • L’Merchie Frazier talked about African American innovators.
  • Jeff Grantz displayed his amazing artwork and technology in the Boston area.
  • Danny Bigel talked about how technology can nurture the relationship between government and businesses.
  • Evan Henshaw-Plath talked about looking at the use of social media platforms like Twitter as a method of innovation.
  • Kevin Miller talked about how AI will bring affordable legal services to the world.
  • Marie-Jose Montpetit discussed the future of AR, AI, and VR.
  • Lynne Zagami talked about increasing gender diversity in the startup industry.
  • Fábio Duarte looked at how we can use technology to build the future.
  • Steven Hassan talked about the dangers of media manipulation, and how the internet can be used for brainwashing.

Check our website in the coming weeks to watch the talks online!