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Join us for a LIVE Simulcast of TED 2013

 A Simulcast for the TEDxBeaconStreet Community was held Wednesday, February 27

Hosted by TEDxBeaconStreet Superhero Partners: The Whitehead Institute, The MIT Media Lab – Camera Culture Group and fresh tilled soil.

See the GREAT speaker line up HERE.

We always welcome our community to invite friends to come to simulcasts. As a TEDx Level 2 licensee, TEDxBeaconStreet is able to offer incredible, free simulcast opportunities such as watching the premiere TED event LIVE from Long Beach.


>>>>> I am related to a canonized saint. >>>>> I like to play board games.>>>>> I have a theory about the Jedi. >>>>> I’m a huge fan of the blues legend Keb Mo’ and see him whenever he is in the area. His wonderful song “Life is Beautiful” was the first song that I danced to at my wedding. >>>>> I was inspired by TEDxBeaconStreet / Snap Boogie to take a hip-hop dance class. >>>>> I make a great margarita. >>>>> Ron Burgundy is my hero.>>>>> I have two sets of fraternal twin cousins, I have a twin brother, and I am the mother of fraternal twin boys. >>>>> I once purchased a painting at a yard sale for $3 and sold it through a gallery on Newbury Street for $9,000.>>>>> I am addicted to the app ‘Drawsomething.’ >>>>> I’ve lived in three countries and traveled to so many others that I’ve lost count. >>>>> In high school I once threw a super ball at a forward angle out of a sunroof of a car traveling 60mph and it bounced on the road ahead of the car and entered back through the sunroof (at an incredible velocity and spin). I don’t recommend this experiment. >>>>> I am a Neuroscientist studying sleep & memory. >>>>> I work in the field of education and perform with an African dance troop, most people don’t know that I also studied chemistry, and graduated with a minor in the subject. >>>>> I’m a shaman and a yogi who plays on silks and does acrobatics but not usually while helping mediate disputes. >>>>> I was born in Hawaii, raised in India, world traveler, swam with nurse sharks in French Polynesia, zip lined through the rain forests of Costa Rica and a new father! >>>>> I once lived on the ocean for six weeks.>>>>> Pippin just became my favorite musical of all time! >>>>> I am fluent in none, I still like reading literature in foreign languages. >>>>> My house is over 200 years old and was a stop on the underground railroad. There’s a false room in the original basement where people were hidden while in transit. At night I hear knocking & noises & have seen & felt strange occurrences … yes, I live in a real haunted house! >>>>> I love knitting.>>>>> Once, while I was hiking in the himalayas, I was so hungry that I imagined and believed that a distant mountainside covered by goats was actually a bowl of oatmeal with raisins hovering right in front of me. >>>>> I am hoping for solar panels on home someday. >>>>> I am a Physician, Ophthalmologist, Professor and former photographer. >>>>> I was accepted into the elite wave of the Empire State Building Run-up. >>>>> I was blond for 27 days! >>>>> I am a recovering lawyer. >>>>> I run a consultancy advising people on living balanced, purposeful lives: www.wholeu.info >>>>>I make baby dinosaur noises in the morning. >>>>> In front of 3000 people, I once told Gregory Peck (referring to his role of Atticus Finch) that there was a mix up at the hospital and he was my real father. I was not arrested and he didn’t even get a restraining order against me! Hey, come on, he was flattered.  >>>>> I was South Asia’s first and only self advocate for the Autism Spectrum.  >>>>>  I can mimic Nikita Kruschev’s speech at the UN “We will bury you !!!!” (Shoe is supplied)  >>>>>  I am a poster child for what fast company calls “generation flux” going from software developer, architect (not the software kind), television producer, high school teacher and multimedia designer to leadership and innovation consultant.   >>>>> I am also an attorney in New York state.  >>>>>  I’ve walked and hitchhiked through most of Southern and Eastern Africa.  >>>>>  I can tie my shoe laces faster than you.  >>>>>  I’m a former pet journalist; among other features, I wrote celebrity profiles of Lassie (in his fifth incarnation) and Morris the Nine Lives Cat.  >>>>>  I once drove 140 mph on the autobahn. >>>>>  I’m making artificial creativity a reality.  >>>>> I have been on an island near every major continent in the world…..  >>>>>  I live everyday as if this is my last day!  >>>>>  Born in Hawaii, raised in India, snorkeled with sharks in the South Pacific, zip lined through the rain forests of Costa Rica. My heart is in Boston and my passion is TEDxBeaconStreet.  >>>>>  I am organizing a cleanweb hackathon in Boston, Apr 5-7  >>>>>  I was once was bitten by a yak.  >>>>>  I brewed beer professionally for 2 years.  >>>>>  I am an amazing, multi-tasking, wife, mother, volunteer and career woman! >>>>>  I’m a licensed bus driver.  >>>>>  I have 5 gourmet food trucks and love seeing smiles on peoples faces after they bite into one of my grilled cheeses or lobster rolls:-))  >>>>>  My friends and I planned on doing a trip to Ireland in 2010.  They all slowly bailed. So I went by myself. I rented a car, didnt plan any of my trips more than a day in advance, and traveled the whole Island.  Drank beers with many great people, stayed in hostels, and found out alot about myself. I think everyone should do a trip like it!  >>>>>Junior Olympic National Champion Freestyle-Wrestler (in 5th grade).  >>>>> One of my childhood nursemaids was a voodoo queen.  >>>>>  I ran from a bull that I recently castrated.  >>>>>  I once burned my tongue on a curling iron. #dontask   >>>>>  One of my favorite pastimes is creating new words in various different languages. And baseball.   >>>>>  I am a wizard, an artist? >>>>>  I had a childhood sketch book of my dress line Bubble B Clothing. I guess I never really abandoned that dream.  >>>>>  I am learning just how time consuming the complete kitchen remodel project is!  >>>>>  I can hold my breath for almost 3 minutes  >>>>>  I used to be a surgeon, now I do surgery on mice.  >>>>>  I once painted a 20 x 20 foot detailed painting of the moon.  >>>>>  I build tools for children to design their own toys.  >>>>>  I eat salty and sweet together.  >>>>>  When I was 16, I was interrogated in Leningrad by a Soviet official when visiting the USSR with school.  >>>>>  I think q-tips are the greatest invention ever!  >>>>>  I share the same sign with Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison & Galileo.  >>>>>  I am a high achieved innovator from Ghana  >>>>>  I can move my ears.  >>>>>  I know how to do cloning in eColi and in Photoshop.  >>>>>  Love it all.  >>>>>  If it’s not fun – don’t do it!  >>>>>  I’m advocating a change to the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law to permit public Internet discussions among the quorum of the members of a public body.  >>>>>  I took 4 months off of work to travel around the world >>>>>  I love dolphins!