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Speaker preview: Tom Horn – just another day at Mission Control

Tom Horn is a Flight Controller for the International Space Station (ISS), responsible for day-to-day operations of the 100+ billion dollar space station and all aspects of keeping six people living and breathing in space.

Last week Tom was working hard all week at Mission Control to bring two Russian cosmonauts and NASA flight engineer Kevin Ford up to the ISS. The complex mission began with a rocket launch from Kazakhstan that sent the three men into orbit, and ended with a successful docking of the Soyuz craft with the ISS.

Tom had time to shoot us an email with an insiders view of the event…

“It was great watching [NASA’s] Kevin [Ford] board the ISS, he was obviously ecstatic to be there. ¬†Grinning ear to ear and laughing constantly. There’s some great video in the introductions as he gets used to weightlessness, everybody else is holding themselves steady, he’s floating around bouncing off the walls and his fellow astronauts as he hasn’t got the hang of how to stay still yet. ¬†Space legs definitely take some getting use to.”