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Speaker Preview: Steven D. Schwaitzberg on combining technologies to train surgeons worldwide

Steven D. Schwaitzberg has big ideas.

His goal? To train surgeons on minimally invasive surgeries. The challenge? The surgeons being trained live and work in Africa, China, and Latin America. But Schwaitzberg is passionate about using technology and innovation to tackle the difficult problems we face as a society.

Schwaitzberg’s talk: “How teaching surgery led me on the quest to build the universal translator” will take us along on a journey that led to him to combine language translation, automatic voice recognition, and collaboration software for video streaming so he could use Skype to teach surgeons remotely.

“There are many people today who see distance and language as barriers to goals they wish to accomplish,” says Schwaitzberg. “I hope that seeing how I was able to link technologies in a unique way will help people to have inspirations on their own projects, no matter what they are.”

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