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Speaker preview: Rodrigo Martinez on biohacking and design

Design and biology into action – the new design revolution

As the Life Sciences Chief Strategist at IDEO, Rodrigo Martinez is passionate about the crossroads of design and biology.

And he’s here to tell us that in the coming decades everything will be made with biological tools; from textiles, surfaces, sensors and smart drugs to construction materials, biopolymers and buildings.

What if you could print your clothes every morning out of biological material and recycle them every night? Eventually even the buildings we live in might be ‘grown’ rather than constructed. The design and innovation process in 2060 will go something like this…analog –> digital –> biological –> digital –> analog.

Martinez will zero in on the actions we need to take to effect this change, starting with the collaboration of engineering/design and biology/science —  fields that, until now, have been siloed from one another.

What previous TED talks or experiences have inspired Rodrigo Martinez?

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