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Speaker Orientation Blast!

What do a Google Data Scientist and a 13-year-old competitive freestyle skier have in common? Both pitched their ideas for TEDxBeaconStreet 2016 last week! A dozen diverse minds came together at MIT to share their preliminary ideas for exciting talks in November.

The speakers who pitched this week each came with their own unique style of exploration. One cooks on his laptop, one was almost kicked out of Bill Gates’ house, one acted in a low-budget horror movie, and one gave a high school valedictory speech that involved an actual light saber!

We heard a spectrum of stories: a filmmaker shared the pre-conceived biases that come with her race, gender, and disability, a Boston Globe Spotlight journalist explained his thoughts on the impact of investigative journalism, and a Whitehead Institute scientist narrated his personal journey with infectious disease. More exciting stories join our community each week!

Speakers pitched their passions and failures, and were greeted by suggestions and reactions from fellow speakers and speaker catalysts, dedicated to getting the talks ready for the stage. They help to remind us how important our audience is to the success of these amazing talks! You won’t want to miss these speakers when they hit the big stage, so stay tuned for updates for you to get involved with TEDxBeaconStreet 2016!