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Spartan Race Adventure: Recap

We climbed ropes, vaulted over walls, and hauled heavy sacks of sand.

We threw javelins, swung across monkey bars, and hurtled through a maze of punching bags.

We sprinted up and down the stairs at Fenway Park, along the Green Monster, through the dugout, and across the outfield – and we had a GREAT time!

This past weekend, 22 TEDxBeaconStreet community members completed a Spartan Sprint, an obstacle course race that lasts a little over 3 miles and includes 20+ obstacles. 2013 Speaker Joe DeSena talked about burpees and how he founded Spartan Races to help promote fitness, and he generously provided this Adventure to our community.

Spartan races are a team sport: some of us boosted each other over the walls, or helped each other haul ropes, and cheered each other on as we ran. 2014 Speaker Gulnara Niaz ran along with us and shot some incredible photos, proving that not only is she a wonderfully talented photographer, but she’s a really fast runner! Gulnara also takes all of our Speaker head shots; you’ll hear more about her later.

Not only did the event promote community and team building, it also connected racers to the city of Boston, and reminded us of how lucky we are to live among so much history, talent, and innovation. Team member Kathy Qu, who placed 9th in her age group and was in the top 50 women overall finishers, said, “It was such a great event – so much fun! Racing through Fenway was such a ‘Boston’ experience; it’s really like going through a piece of history. I loved it!” We’re extremely proud of Kathy and all our other racers.

This Adventure was a great event in many ways, and we hope we’ll see you on the team next year.Check out some of Gulnara’s photos to see our amazing community prove how strong they can be!