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Spark Change @TEDxYouth Nov 16

An Undersea Scientist, Philanthropist Princess and Japanese Taiko Drumming group take turns on stage. All of them are coming together on Saturday, November 16, 2013. What does this all equal?


Thetedxyouthday TEDxBeaconStreet team is taking on TEDxYouth’s “The Spark” theme in full with an enormous range of ideas and passions. As one of the anchor sites for TEDxYouth Day we’re proud to be simulcast worldwide as part of this incredible event.

You can participate in person by registering here or stay join the live simulcast. We’ll be sure to share our experience on the hashtag #tedxbeaconst to keep the conversation going for everyone.


What’s behind the theme? Here is a little something from the team behind TEDx:

“The Spark” much like the global TEDxYouth community, represents a vast range of people and ideas that empower and inspire us. With this theme we are hoping to encourage you all to show us what “sparks” light up your community, to show us what ideas and people have inspired you!

Last year was incredible as well. You can review the highlights here. Join us this year and watch the sparks fly.