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Unparalleled, behind-the-scenes access to the people and places that make the Greater Boston area so dynamic.

By offering Adventures prior to, the day of and during the twelve months after the conference, TEDxBeaconStreet will allow many more people to get involved, fostering the spread of powerful thought and ignition of critical dialog.

Participants will be exposed to the masterminds behind the future of technology, business, and entertainment, to name just a few.  Many of our adventures are cross-generational by design.  For youth safety and enjoyment whenever youth attend an adventure they must be accompanied and supervised by an adult parent/guardian, mentor, or chaperone (with signed parental consent)


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Behind the scenes at The MIT Media Lab’s Camera Culture Research Group

Explore the Future of Wind-Powered Board Sports

Inside the T-shirt Upcycle Factory

Tour of Fenway Community Health with Dr. Norman Spack

Glass-Blowing Adventure

Talk with Boston Globe Political Reporter Noah Bierman about what just happened in the elections

Visit to the New England Produce Center, hosted by Chelsea Creek Farms

Discussion of Superstorm Sandy