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Why You Want to Become a Biohacker | Rodrigo Martinez

Imagine living in a building that was not constructed, but ‘grown;’ or, imagine designing your own shirt, printing it in the morning and recycling it at night….every day. Until the 1960’s the predominant dynamic in design and manufacturing was “transformation;” basic tools were used to transform raw materials into new products. During the last 5 decades, with the digital revolution, “simulation” was added to “transformation.” We are now in the early stages of a new revolution. “This emerging revolution will affect virtually every industry” says Rodrigo Martinez, Life Sciences Chief Strategist at award winning design firm IDEO.

Each of us uses between thirty and sixty products every day. From the bed you sleep in and the jeans you are wearing to your iphone, computer, car, fridge, etc… Someone conceived and designed each of these products and services. But this is about to change dramatically. Over the next fifty years many more people – including you, will be designing and making completely new types of products. This emerging revolution will be fueled by our increasing ability to design and make things with living organisms. “Evolution” will be added to “transformation” and “simulation” as a key dynamic enabling how we design and make all the things around us.

The borders between design, biology, computer science, and engineering are blurring; if you want to be part of some of the most exciting things that will take place in the coming decades, become a biohacker.