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Rising Up And Showing The World You Belong

Tyler Lagasse is a 12-time golf champion, a motivational speaker, a student at University of Massachusetts Lowell, a co-author of a book, and he is also living with autism.

A time that Lagasse clearly could see he was different was during a conversation with his Grandfather. His Grandfather would often say, “What am I going to do with you; i’ll sell you to the Ragman for two and a half cents a pound.” Instead of laughing, he ¬†intensely tried to recall a ‘Ragman’ he knew and had an inner dialogue with himself where he thought, “I’m certainly worth more than two and a half cents a pound.”

The ability to connect and taking everything literally is an issue many people with autism have, but Tyler never let it halt his growth and personal achievements; being autistic is a strength not an excuse.

Overcoming challenges takes a different approach to those who are autistic. Tyler is able to succeed by trusting his strengths, staying true to who he is, keeping his faith, and knowing why he is here. He recognizes that he is not alone and he has a lot of skills to bring to the world.

By being a motivational speaker and an author, Tyler hopes to be an inspiration to people with autism to accomplish their dreams. He want’s his book to serve as a learning tool in recognizing that we are all the same, and open a dialogue that being autistic is nothing to be ashamed of.


We are so proud of Tyler and are grateful to have had him as a Speaker. To learn more about his inspiring story, watch HERE