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Reflections from 2012 Speakers

WhiteXLogoThe Pulse Network is hard at work editing video for our 60 TEDxBeaconStreet 2013 talks. When our talks are launched we will look to you, our community, to help us get the talks shared with the world and set these important ideas into action.

How important can these talks be? Let’s hear some reflections from a few of our 2012 speakers.

Colin Stokes’ 2012 talk showed us what movies teach about manhood and explored the hidden meanings in kids movies, many of them created by Disney. His talk resonated with so many people that it has generated 2 million views so far and he was invited to present his ideas to Disney management.

Tyler Dewitt’s 2012 talk implored science teachers to make learning about science fun and to not focus to a fault on technical terms and scientific perfection.

“My talk has moved my whole professional life in a new direction. A lot of that is because the talk made it to TED.com. But now, once or twice every month, I speak at conferences around the world, talking about science education and science communication, and I’m always invited because they saw my TEDx talk. The talk has also been the inspiration for a new start up, http://www.socratic.org, based on an idea I mentioned in my talk, a Wikipedia-style site where people can learn anything in a simple, straightforward manner. Viewership of my YouTube channel has tripled, and many people go looking for my science videos on YouTube because they saw the talk. So yeah, major major major impact on my life.”
Steven Schwaitzberg’s 2012 talk focused on new breakthroughs in training surgeons worldwide despite language barriers.

“For me the TEDxBeaconStreet  experience was truly  like an adventure,  It started with an invitation, but grew into an amazing experience  beginning  with the rehearsals meeting TED veterans continuing  to the great folks who spoke last year.   I have easily met 50 new people many of which have become friends even to the point where a person seated next to me on a plane said, ” didn’t  you give a TED talk  on……….” and we chatted for the next 2 hours.  A year later I am still meeting new people and the adventure continues.”