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Our Dream Team for Video and Production

The media our team produces in the next few days will inspire millions

TEDxBeaconStreet has partnered with the very best to document the events of November 17 and 18.  Introducing…our dream team, who will soon be recording for 48 hours straight:

The Pulse Network, run by brothers Stephen and Nick Saber,  bring their team, enthusiasm and expertise to TEDxBeaconStreet registration, simulcasts and and post-editing. As a company that lives and breathes Social TV, content marketing and bridging online and offline communities, Pulse Network is the partner of choice for leading companies in many sectors including Intel, Kaspersky, NABShow, NFPA, SAP and SONY.

Patrick Ruth is a local filmmaker, Director of Photography who has worked as a cameraman on  TV commercials and films of all sizes . He spent the summer working on Grown Ups II.  He is lighting the stage and our awesome speakers!

Our veteran television Director, David Atwood, who worked with WGBH, the Harvard School of Public Health and more, and

Marla Mitchnick, who edits and produces film + video for TED Talks, has been advising our team on many best practices and finer points.

Our dream team will record every minute of the weekend and ensure that TEDxBeaconStreet talks inspire and touch a global audience well after the big red dot has been packed up.

Our overall goal at TEDxBeaconStreet is to get 2 million views on our site in the next year. Bold? Yes. Audacious? Of course. Realistic? Absolutely.