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Data, Democracy and the Digital Craft | Omri Traub

In this thought-provoking talk, start up manager and engineer, Omri Traub, takes you on a personal journey, exploring the world of digital craftsmanship and high tech culture. He offers a first-hand account of the revolutionary effect that modern computing has had on the way the software industry thinks about who can, and should, have creative say. Welcome to a world where innovation is encouraged and rewarded from the bottom up, without regard for seniority or experience. Drawing on his fifteen years as an entrepreneur at the height of the industry’s boom, Omri shows how access to data has democratized the way that people work and optimistically predicts that this trend will inspire change in other disciplines as well.

Technology entrepreneur Omri Traub has been pioneering innovative software solutions that solve complex user needs for fifteen years. Currently VP of Engineering at Oracle, he is working to change the way that companies use data to manage their business. As a testament to his computing prowess, the product developed by the first of his many startups is still in use more than a decade later.