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MUKBANG With Animals?!

Yes, this title is no joke, the crazy Youtube trend ‘mukbang’ was brought to our TEDx stage. I know what you’re thinking, ‘what is a mukbang?’, and ‘what are these animals?’. Well, let’s break it down for you all.

June 16th, TEDxBeaconStreet took over the Franklin Park Zoo in Dorchester, MA. We hosted an unforgettable Salon event and made history – we were the first TED talks ever from INSIDE animal exhibits! The zoo staff, as well as the animals, were so gracious to let us use their space for our Salon event.

The two animals you see in this video are a power mother-daughter duo, they are the Tapirs Abby and Ixchel. The Tapir’s large and homey enclosure was the perfect stage for the evening, and after promising Abby and her baby a 5-star meal and some camera time, we got the go to present LIVE from inside their exhibit. 

So, we did it! We took the iconic red dot into the enclosure and delivered incredible talks that evening. We had Harvard geneticist George Church speak, as well as animal care and human activists. When the event was wrapping up, it was time for Abby and Ixchel to make their big entrance.

We had a really cool audience, so can you blame Abby for having some stage fright? She ditched the idea of giving a 15 minute speech and decided to do what her and her daughter loved – eat. 

A mukbang is an online broadcast where a person sits down in front of a camera and enjoys a meal. The subject can ramble about their lives, the food, anything really, or they can just enjoy the tasty treat in front of them. Abby and Ixchel, in their version of a mukbang, enjoyed leaves and fruits, twigs, small saplings, and aquatic vegetation; this is the normal diet for a Tapir.

Abby and Ixchel, thank you for allowing us to make your home our stage, and we have no doubt your eating show will go viral!

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