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Meet our fascinating audience

AT TEDxBeaconStreet we place equal value on Speakers and Audience.

Meet some people in our amazing Audience – here is just a sample of the fun facts they submitted in their applications. You’ll have a chance to meet them this weekend Apply here

I love belly dancing. >>>>>   I was born and raised in the Fiji Islands. >>>>>   I am currently in the middle of a production for A&E where my family is the focus of the series. >>>>>   I nurture a fascination for studying honeybees despite (or perhaps because) of my simultaneous fear of them. >>>>>  I managed a multi-million dollar mutual fund before my 22nd birthday.  >>>>> I make the greatest cranberry oatmeal cookies in the world.  Seriously. >>>>>   I was the only professional investor in my class at Harvard Divinity School (MTS ’11). >>>>> I am currently doing a personal design project around pressed pennies – who buys them what’s on them and perhaps most interesting to me what happens to them after they are purchased. >>>>> I have 4 children. Two adopted from Russia. Currently I assist prospective adoptive parents with their “profile books.” It’s so much fun to use my design skills to help families grow through adoption. On-demand electronic publishing makes the process much easier. >>>>> I am often told that I am mentally flexible and versatile. >>>>> I have brought new technology to the maintenance of the world’s most fearsome weapons technology and to the process of assisting victims of rape incest and abuse. >>>>> I used to dive and feed sharks at the New England Aquarium! And still do as a volunteer! Talk about an adrenaline rush! >>>>> I love teaching. >>>>> I long to have solar panels on our home. >>>>> I find humor in everything. >>>>>  In another life I’d be an urban designer. >>>>> My journey began with an undergraduate education at Harvard (where I designed a special major in biology and politics) and medical degree at Johns Hopkins.  I worked for several years as a U.S. Indian Health Service pediatrician for Navajo children on a reservation in New Mexico.  After sub-specialized training in pediatric cardiology at Harvard Medical School I joined the faculty at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.  In 2008 I was promoted to become the youngest pediatric cardiology chief at a major medical school in the northeastern United States where I’m now an associate professor.  At UMass where I’ve won numerous teaching awards from medical trainees I provide complex care to fetuses infants and older children with heart defects have built the highest volume regional provider of clinical care for neonatal cardiac problems recruit new faculty redesigned a major section of the first year medical school curriculum and supervise a research program dedicated to treating—and preventing—children’s health problems.  I’ve published numerous research articles based on my laboratory work and global travel including original papers on tuberculosis in Peru alternative medicines for AIDS in Kenya blood parasites in Mexico the molecular biology of cell death and sudden infant death in rural Appalachia among many other topics.  These scientific efforts are recognized with numerous accolades including the American Academy of Pediatrics resident research award Sellards and Lamport Traveling Research Awards and a Johns Hopkins Dean’s Research Award.  This work has taught me to patiently negotiate complex cultural political and economic barriers to achieve results. >>>>> I am a first degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do I’m 6’1” for an Asian and I can’t seem to keep my shoes for more than 6 months without destroying them… >>>>> Architect and athlete. >>>>> I have two very different personalities personal and professional. With my friends I’m outgoing loud and incredibly silly. With my colleagues I’m very reserved and quiet. My sarcasm transcends both worlds. >>>>> I was once mistaken for the crown prince of Norway. Guhgenbuhl! >>>>> I believe there may be a doppelganger of me writing the same trite stuff but with much more style. >>>>> I am half-Canadian. >>>>> I was offered a full scholarship to play saxaphone in college and was an on-air television reporter. >>>>> I once drank camel milk for 9 days. No water no food – Just camel milk. >>>>> I teach classes in Art and Activism.  >>>>> I once drank camel milk for 9 days. No water no food – Just camel milk. >>>>> I was Born a foodie, always will be, what’s my food been eating? >>>>> I live in a household with seven children. >>>>>   I am currently in the process of starting a neighborhood composting collective on my street.  I am collecting food scraps from my neighbors composting them and returning humus (compost) to use in their gardens.  Over the past 3 weeks I shredded a couple hundred pounds of fall leaves to use as free browns to mix with the food scraps. >>>>> A hobby of mine is building Rube Goldberg type marble towers around our house for my kids. They love it. My wife hates it. >>>>> I’m a licensed helicopter pilot and have flown under the Golden Gate Bridge. >>>>>   I am Asian-American – born in Canada – seeker of knowledge. >>>>> I have summited Amadablam a 23000 foot peak in the Himalayas.  >>>>> I went from chemistry major to Japanese language instructor to cognitive science PhD to e-commerce software coder to project manager to innovation leader.  Life is a journey — hold on tight! >>>>>   I am a Mongolian musician singer songwriter photographer artist. >>>>> I am a scientist working with stem cells to develop therapies for deafness and exciting and unexplored field that challenges my mind everyday. I am a musician too and with a passion for design and architecture as I have been lucky enough to grow up in a family of architects in southern Italy surrounded by beautiful historical buildings and art. I truly believe that rational and visual sciences have a lot in common with art and design because behind any scientific discovery of artistic creation there is always an idea a passion and the willingness to tell something new. >>>>>    I like to run when it’s REALLY hot outside. >>>>> I’m not afraid of much. >>>>> I am on the triathlon team at Northeastern University and for my dad’s 50th birthday we are going to do a half Ironman together! (yes that is 1.2 mile swim 56 mile bike and a half marathon yikes!). >>>>> I have lived in 4 countries and traveled studied and worked in more than 15 countries. >>>>>   and many, many more