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Meet Our Audience!

We’re thrilled to welcome a diverse and engaged crowd to our event each year. One of our favorite things is asking each person to provide a fun fact about themselves, to show how amazing our audience really is. Check out some of them below, and see if you can match them to the people you meet this weekend!

I have climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
I was in a full body cast for the first year of my life.
I will be in Barcelona for Christmas.
I can vote in two different countries.
I am counselor for Camp Kesem!
I was born and raised in New Mexico!
I spent two months in Japan alone without knowing any Japanese.
I can play ten different instruments.
I’ve been attacked by a monkey.
I once ate 14 pancakes.
I watch TED talks instead of the evening news.
I can lick my elbow.
I can clap at a speed of roughly ten times per second.
I am obsessed with birds.
I worked in a prosthetics lab for a year.
I can wiggle my ears.
I once forgot how to ride a bicycle.
I’ve competed in a women’s decathlon.
I got lost for four days whike trekking in the Himalayas at 16,000 feet.
I competed on American Ninja Warrior.
I am featured in a photo exhibit that will travel nationally starting October 2017 called “The land belongs to you and me”.
I currently play an elf thief in Dungeons & Dragons.
I am an Army ROTC cadet and am trying to bridge the gap between military and civilian sectors of our society.
The sound of an oboe annoys me.
I love to ski.
I have climbed all of the ‘fourteeners’ in Colorado.
I am a scientist by day and an aerialist by night.
I have hugged a baby giant panda!
I can make very good tzatziki.
I have only lost 4 teeth naturally.
I moved 7 times as a child and lived in three foreign countries and four different states.
I love tomato sauce in mac and cheese.
Playing with Legos is my everyday job!
I am teaching myself Chinese.
I can touch my tongue to my nose.
I am an entrepreneur.
I play chess.
I am trying to change how we view refugees and how we treat refugees.
I founded the nonprofit HomeStart.
I love maple walnut ice cream.
I have a habit of talking to myself loudly in private.
I like to teach!
I like to sing in the shower.
I organized TEDxJamaicaPlain right next door!
I am a former hula hooping champion.
I just started my own business.
I just started selling my own paintings.
I helped organize the first TEDx event at my university.
I smuggled over the Berlin Wall to the east side in 1987.
I am an avid lover of all human research!
My favorite season is spring.
I just got married.
I climbed a dune in Namibia.
I play the flute and I sing.
I play the clarinet.
I play the piano.
I play the cello.
I have been blogging every working day for the last nine years about the engineering and manufacturing industry.
I never stop learning.
I have stopped reacting and started creating.
I love superheroes.
I am a software engineer from India.
I am passionate about youth educational enrichment.
I am passionate about climate change and cooking.
I am13 years old and passionate about video gaming, STEM, Taekwondo, and Civil Air Patrol.
I construct neural interfaces for wearable robotics.
I lost 200 pounds.
I started a nonprofit in high school to teach kids how to code.
I am this close to retiring!
I have my retirement planned out in my head, but I’m only 29.
I love to biohack.
I grow citrus fruit in the Boston suburbs.
I built a wood-fired pizza oven in my backyard.
I have been piloting a 40-foot boat since age 12.
I live in Jamaica Plain.
I think that lobbying can be fun.
I help students get ready for college as a Board Member with Letsgetready.org.
I volunteer frequently.
I live in a tiny home.
I am an extra in a John Travolta movie.
My wife and I have the same name.
I’m passionate about wellness.
I’m an INFJ personality type.
I tried to build a solar panel empire.
I am a brain tumor survivor.
I do mixed martial arts.
I wear high heels and mini skirts most of the time.
I love Pokemon.
I am a scuba diver.
I was a 2017 MassChallenge Finalist.
At twelve years old, I am the youngest founder in the history of MassChallenge.
I’m in 4th grade and this will be my second TedxBeaconStreet Youth event.
I’ve visited seven countries in three weeks.
I can balance on a tightrope.
I have biked across the country.
I am a father and have an MBA from Babson College.
I have Grapheme-colour synaesthesia!
I like to kayak in the Charles River.
I grew up in Beijing.
I practice Tae Kwon Do.
I love to dance the merengue.
I love to play basketball.
I worked on a project where I 3D printed a prosthetic arm for a patient with amniotic band syndrome.
I clean my street.
I became a filmmaker at age 61 and have made ten short films for non-profits.
I am a biologist and a creator.
I used to do voiceovers for the Hindi version of Sesame Street.
I have lived in Alaska.
I just returned from a biking and boating trip in Istria.
I am the primary caregiver for an 88-year-old woman.
I love Jurassic Park.
I sang in an a cappella group for over 20 years.
I was commissioned by Richard Prior’s wife to paint his abstract portrait.
I did a TEDxBeaconStreet talk in 2015 and now my roommate is doing one too!
I am a conceptual quilting guru.
I have been to over 25 countries!
I am training for a half marathon.
I can do the wave with my eyebrows.
I love to play guitar.
I have biked across America!
All four of my grandparents were lefties.
I can whistle without puckering my lips.
I love cooking.
I met my best friend and partner in 2nd grade!
I am a Trustee at the Inly School in Scituate, MA.
I am a freestyle skier and lacrosse player.
I have a long association with and experience in knowledge management.
I have two research articles published in the Journal of ACM.
I’m working on a business plan to open up a food truck or a restaurant.
I am a national champion in two sports.
As of earlier this year, I have officially been with my company for over half of my life.
I have a list of a dozen inventions that I want to create, but have no idea how to begin!
I am from the tiny island nation of St. Vincent & The Grenadines in the Caribbean.
I am a spoken word artist.
I am a happy person.
I recently climbed a 15,000-foot mountain in Peru.
I manage to injure myself once a year from running.
I can’t swim.
I can ride a motorcycle.
I speak six languages.
I did a 3-year worldwide trip visiting 50 countries in an RV.
I’ve been to over 50 countries.
I play the flute.
I have traveled the world in a motorhome.
I am from Brazil.
I have hiked Trolltunga in Norway.
In the last few years, I’ve been selected for two juries, including a murder trial.
Last month, I spent two weeks backpacking in Europe.
I love helping people.
I love math.
I love playing volleyball.
My dream growing up was to retire and become a librarian.
I love bringing my dog, a Jack Russell Terrier named Arlo, to the Harry Downes Field as part of Brookline’s Green Dog program.
I am retired, loving it, and more active than ever!
I am a foodie.
I’m a musician.
I bike to work everyday!
I volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters!
I have lived with 42 people in two years.
I’m moving to Budapest for four months.
I am a 2nd Degree Kempo Blackbelt, and am now working towards a Tae Kwon Do blackbelt.
I am a woodworker and tech geek.
I enjoy sewing and Tae Kwon Do.
I have a twin sister.
I’ve lived abroad among the Israeli startup culture for an entire summer.
I am from the island of Trinidad, W.I.
I love ping pong.
I love American football.
I am a published author and former Mrs. Massachusetts.
I presented at TEDxYouth@Watsonville when I was 15.
I’m the first yoga teacher (as far as I know) to be an author on a paper published in a peer-reviewed psychiatric journal.
I can hold a plank for ten minutes.
I am the only person to have climbed 4 of the 7 highest peaks on each of the seven continents after losing 200 pounds.
I can walk on my hands.
I have had a ghost experience of the third kind.
I love pet guinea pigs, and I help organize local “pignics,” which are “play dates in the park for guinea pigs and their humans.”
I´m a really joyful person!
I am a physician who wants to be a professional chef.
I am a competitive soccer player.
I once did a day hike up Mt. Whitney, which involves an elevation change of 14,400 feet up and down in the same day.
I was born in China and am now a naturalized U.S. citizen and the CEO of my own company.
I am a cell molecular engineer.
I am good at remembering names.
There is an art to washing dishes, and I am a master of it.
I’m a plant collector.
I am a girl in the tech industry.
I married twice after age 44.
I’m a champion swimmer.
I have been asked to donate my skull to science!
I was born in Libreville, Gabon.
Sunday morning squash games are my “religion”.
I run track and cross country to enjoy life.
As a high school student, I manage several Instagram accounts with over three million followers.
I broke my neck and survived.
I have had White House security clearance.
I recently watched the eclipse form the path of totality.
I ‘m a scientist, artist, and writer, all at the same time!
I am writing my first novel.
I’m an archer.
I’ve visited Iceland and Costa Rica, two countries that are both using close to 100% renewable energy.
I love baseball.
I rode in the Pan-Mass Challenge for the first time this year!
I’m a four time pickle eating contest winner!
I love milkshakes!
I started an community education-based program in northern Ghana.
I am from Nigeria.
I want to give a Ted Talk one day.
All of my family are activists.
I am learning my 4th language.
I’m the fifth of seven children in my family.
I gave a TEDxBeaconStreet talk last year!
This will be the second TEDxBeaconStreet our two year old will attend.
I am a dad, a CEO, and perhaps an aspiring musician one day.
I am a guitar player and a runner.
I have been to a Sheep Cafe in Seoul!
I’m half Puerto Rican and half Dominican.
I don’t like pizza.
Lana Del Ray kissed me once.
TEDxBeaconStreet is my favorite TEDx.
I have been working with young people for over 25 years and I love it.
I have a black belt in Kung Fu and I love Parkour.
I lived in the jungles of Borneo for three months.
I’m a ski patroller and passionate sailor.
I speak spanish.
I have a crush on Blake Shelton.
I live for football!
I will be living in the Dominican Republic for 4 months next year.
I enjoy cotton candy.
I once organized a TEDx event in Berlin.
I can’t get enough Game of Thrones.
I love Chipotle.
I grew up on a farm in Iowa.
I know how to knit.
I have been to the Bran Castle which inspired the book Dracula.
I am about to build an app.
I am a tech enthusiast.
I’m a co-founder of Rootastes, which provides healthy lunches to corparate offices.
I like to golf.
I am brave!
I love graphic design!
I was the organizer of the very first TEDx under a university license.
I have lived in three different continents.
I work for a nonprofit that’s rescuing a legendary archive of live music from the 1970s.
I am the father of a hedgehog.
I am studying theology and hope to become a clergyman.
I played hooky from work for 20 months and went around the world.
I raised two amazing children.
I survived heart surgery.
I am a techie, foodie, dog lover, and beach lover.
I am an Irish twin.
I love Ethiopian food.
I am a poet.
I enjoy tasting and collecting fine wine as well as pairing it with food.
I volunteer to bring improved vision to residents of Haiti.
I am a retired Air Force Colonel.
I have carried coals to Newcastle.
I loved octopus stew when I was a toddler.
My dogs all have names that relate to chocolate.
I am getting great enjoyment in raising my daughters to be geeks!
I love to teach people how to juggle.
I am a physician but I’m also featured on an iTunes top 25 track!
I have worked in China and France!
I am interested in researching human and robot interaction in order to improve work efficiency.
I am a lifelong learner.
While in college, I did pigeon experimentation for the behaviorist BF Skinner!
I was involved in the first barcode-based security for the 1984 L.A. Olympics.
My hobby is glassblowing.
I competed at the Obstacle Course Racing World Championship!
I am the legal age to drink alcohol, but I’ve never had a drop of it.
I’m the daughter of a meat-packing magnate.
I am a black belt karate instructor.
I am a home chef.
I am a cupcake artist.
I make a killer grilled cheese.
Everyone in my family is a redhead.
I speak 2.5 languages, but 1.5 of them poorly.
In college, I played competitive dumb charades. My team of three could guess 21 movies in 60 seconds.
I like to make memes.
I was on TV when I marched in the March for Science.
The hardest thing I have ever done is hold my breath and dive to 115 feet underwater.
I run a family foundation to support player safety, participation, and teamwork for high school football programs.
I can stay awake for 48 hours.
I do math problems for fun.
I am a bionic woman scuba instructor!
My great grandparents were members of the Red River Settlement in what is now Manitoba before Canada was a country.
I do tai chi and qi gong.
I love playing, listening, and dancing to all types of music, from classical to rock to hip-hop.
I am a former nationally ranked squash player and a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream scooper.
I am a state champion gymnast who loves hoisin sauce.
I have worked as an actress, photographer, interior designer, and property developer, and now I intend to embark on a new career.
I’m a violinist and sailor. I’ve played in Carnegie Hall and the Lincoln Center with the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra.
I qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships next year in South Africa.
I have lived in three different continents.
I still have vivid memories dating back to when I was a baby.
I grew up in the bush in Canada.
As a child, I built my own miniature golf course in my backyard.
I founded my own company.
I worked as Gilda Radner’s personal dresser as a teenager.
I have a pet hedgehog.
I’m a poetry buff.
I’m an engineer with a passion for Latin dance.
I homeschooled my children, then went back to graduate school and became a public school teacher.
I sky-dived in the rain in Rio de Janeiro. (I don’t recommend it.)
I used to be a policeman.
When I first started working out in the mornings, I’d watch a TED talk every day. It made me look forward to breaking a sweat!
I once choked on a quarter.
I was once interrogated by a KGB officer.
I am an excellent basketball player at just over 5 feet tall.
I’ve seen the musical Hamilton twice!
I can prescribe medication to treat opiate addition.
I love to write poetry!
I moved to the U.S. last year, and I like to edit GoPro videos underwater.
I moved to the U.S. last year, and I love being part of an international community.
I’m a scientist and a really good dancer.
I have double-jointed limbs.
I fall asleep when I watch movies.
I am a veteran beekeeper.
I have one of the largest collections of unchewed bubble gum.
I started my first business at 15 and am still going strong 16 years later.
I am a Level 36 Pokemon GO Trainer.
I am an only child with 28 first cousins.
I have lived on four continents.
I’ve snowboarded in two different countries on the same day.
I’ve pet almost every dog I’ve encountered in the past year.
My favorite indulgence is going to a steakhouse.
I want to move to California.
I sponsor two girls in Kenya.
I helped raise over $20,000 for Salva Sut’s organization last year, which provides water to South Sudan.
I bake bread as a hobby.
I’m a potter.
I’ve lived in five countries.
I’m from Luxembourg and I speak Luxembourgish.
I’ve visited the top of Mt. Everest.
Im 42 and am thinking about medical school. Wish me luck!
I am a spelling bee champion.
I meditate with my dog.
I’ve pet a wild cheetah.
I have a second connection to Hayao Miyazaki.
I’m a single mom.
My favorite song is the “Happy Birthday” song!
I bicycled 4,000 miles in Europe by myself once.
I have seen 35/50 states in the U.S.
I have camped in seven national parks.
I went around the U.S. in a 29-day road trip.
I have gone white water kayaking.
I play the saxophone.
I have 130,000 Instagram followers.
My 10-year-old daughter and I are training to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.
I’ve run four Boston Marathons.
I’ve never broken a bone.
I just recently retired.
I grew up in San Diego, but prefer living in Brookline!
I routinely stay up until 3:00 AM.
I went to school with Kip Thorne!
I have a Weimaraner puppy named Aristotle.
I am a triplet.
I love to sing gospel music.
I speak Italian.
I fly to work.
I’ve travelled in 30 different countries so far!
I am not an American.
I love listening to podcasts.
I love math and science.
I am FBI Research Academy Certified.
I am a Zumba Instructor!
My 5-year-old twins can sing every word of the Hamilton soundtrack.
I once slept in a culvert.
I was quarantined abroad
I just made my first donation to TEDx
I am both a passionate musician and a computer programmer.
I once worked in the circus as a clown.
I am taking a stab at content creation through my YouTube channel.
I am an early-riser and a night-owl.
I used to breakdance.
I have lived in three countries so far.
I am an artist.
I have run up the longest down escalator in North America.
I swam the Mekong River.
I was once on the radio in Scotland.
I have lived on Kodiak Island, Alaska.
I do home cooking for children and handicapped people.
I write science fiction and fantasy novels in my spare time.
I’m a piano instructor and Alexander Technique teacher.
I wear mismatched socks and I am proud of it.
I am addicted to Italian cookies.
I like dark chocolate!
I own a three-legged cat.
I like producing music.
In the last four years, I’ve cut my electricity use in half while still running my dishwasher twice a day.
I have traveled extensively in developing countries.
I have a patent on an invention.
I enjoy studying yoga and mindfulness.
I started a volunteer group for teens last year.
I’ve seen a wild Quetzal in the mountain regions of Equador.
I’ve been certified to translate for Spanish-speaking patients.
I’m a twin and the daughter of a twin. We each have twin cousins.
I was an Innovation Fellow for Brookline High 2016-2017.
I was the youngest and lowest paid press secretary on Capitol Hill.
I run my own social media company and have since I was 13 years old.
I was in a Hillary Clinton dance mob video.
I discovered my passion for philanthropy after being forced to do community service as a punishment for getting suspended in high school.
I am a sailor.
I am a chocolatier
It will be my first time at TEDx
I use TED frequently in my teaching – wonderful teaching tool
I am a dual Swedish/US citizen.
I’m a true Renaissance man.
I was raised on an island, but don’t know how to swim.
I recovered 98% strength within 2 years of ACL surgery.
I believe in the power of the Internet to share information throughout the human race!
I prayed for the brother of the head of the cancer department of MGH and he was healed of cancer!
I am the youngest of seven children
I professionally collect stories.
I know sign language
I’m learning to long board.
I’m a happy camper.
I can touch my nose with my tongue!
I am travelling to Asia for the month of December.
I can cross all my fingers really fast!
I’m desperate to get a cat and give them a human name!
I can’t name a single Elvis song.
I always feel the need to help others before helping myself.
I was born on my birthday at exactly midnight.
I’m currently writing a children’s book.
We adopted two girls from Russia in 2003.
I have taught school in five countries: China, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, and the USA!
I was the last contestant on the original “To Tell the Truth” game show!
I have attended TEDx events on both the east and west coasts in the last couple of months.
I’m the first one from my extended family with a doctoral degree.
I grew up as a chicken farmer in Bostwana, Africa.
I’m interested in biomedical engineering.
I’m a bookworm!
I have moved eight times in the last four years.
I was one of 76 scientists on Homeward Bound 2016, a leadership initiative and the largest ever all-female expedition to Antarctica.
I directed and enacted the recapture of an escaped gorilla.
I studied Thai massage in Thailand.
I am scared of birds.
I binge-watch TEDx videos.
I have both EU and American citizenship.
I willingly and delightedly canoe in Canada’s Arctic every summer, mosquitoes and all!
I hiked Iceland and loved it.
I speak Indonesian.
I make artisan gravel.
I can make religieuse.
I am French but I prefer American giving back and community-oriented mindset. Thanks for organizing this serie.
I like overcooked chicken.
I first learned about TED Talks on Grey’s Anatomy.
I received a Master’s degree in Film, Exhibition & Curation in Edinburgh, UK.
I’m a top jazz pianist.
I love cherry turnovers and I can never find them in bakeries!
I am a science fiction junkie.
I met my partner playing ultimate frisbee.
I love baseball.
I collect baseballs.
I’m visiting from Tokyo for this event!
I grew up in Leningrad, USSR.
I was illustrated in a children’s book.
I speak four languages, am Moroccan, live in the US, and am engaged to someone who is Turkish.
I am the calmest person with the shortest temper.
I can do single-arm pushups and a frogstand.
I have ridden an ostrich.
I plan in an Irish band.
I’m a lifeguard!
I recently spent 17 weeks traveling around Europe.
I was once brought up on stage to sing with the O’Jays.
I have travelled to Greece.
I briefly trained in Lake Placid for the olympic luge when I was 13.
I am allergic to all raw fruits and vegetables.
I can paint sideways!
I have almost stepped on a Black Mamba.
I am developing a new app called Piccles to engage the artist in all of us!
I attended rocket camp last summer.
I have cuddled baby baboons.
I can say “I’m a pineapple” in many languages.
I opened the NASDAQ stock exchange once.
I am a retired principal.
I am a traveler and a photographer.
I am fluent in three languages.
I am secretly in love with someone.
I have a red birthmark on my stomach that I call my ketchup stain.
I’m heading out on an around the world trip in January for seven months.
I am a coder and an architect.
I have lived in both Europe and Asia.
I have two Master’s degrees.
I’m a feminist.
I’m a creative person.
I love to challenge myself physically and have done several Ironmans.
I used to be in an improv comedy troupe.
I once crashed a car into a swimming pool.
I was a Division 1 collegiate gymnast.
I play a mean guitar.
I sing in a semi-professional gospel choir and knit during rehearsals to stay concentrated.
I know a lot about dark matter.
I have appeared in over 40 musicals.
I am in two softball leagues.
I’m from Vietnam.
I’ve never lived in one place for more than four consecutive years.
I find four leaf clovers.
I play at the intersection of entrepreneurship, innovation, design and education.
I am a cancer survivor.
I watch 2-3 TED videos a week.
I have competed at the World Dance Championship.
I like to ski.
I work as a Physician Assistant in a medically underserved community in Boston.
I love to go tubing!
I went to BHS with Conan O’Brien.
I am a poker player.
I’ve been to five out of seven continents!
I am an urban beekeeper.
I like llamas.
I like anime.
I like dogs more than some people!
I can stay awake for two days in a row without sleeping.
I love to wear socks at the beach.
I am a superfast speed reader.
I worked in healthcare consulting.
I am an avid yoga teacher.
Cooking has always been my passion.
I worked for 24 years in the aquarium industry.
I am a spoken word poet.
I grow electronics inside plants.
I am from Spain.
I’m a martial arts teacher and can throw bladed weapons into a target from 30 feet away.
I founded Cell Phones for Soldiers.
I’m a good listener.
I have a phobia of chewing gum.
My favorite smell is sawdust!
I grew up on an island in Vermont.
I’m a technology geek that has been part of seven Boston startups.
I enjoy moving house every year.
I come from Sichuan, which has the best food in the world.
I love to draw cities and I know at least one important fact about almost every country.
I am flexible and can jump up and land in a split.
I have dual citizenship with the UK, but I’ve never been there.
I have visited 13 of the 32 NFL stadiums.
I’m an artificial and virtual reality enthusiast.
I’m invigorated by composition and the study of theory.
I love open water swimming!
I worked in college as a cowboy at a dude ranch for kids.
I have too many remotes.
I’m a master fidget spinner.
I lived in Italy for a year.
I used to run a cookie business in high school.
I’m a Haitian American.
I am in the Technology, Innovation, and Education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
I qualified and ran the Boston Marathon.
I was a college ice hockey player.
I’m a tech entrepreneur and lived in three continents in 14 years.
I honeymooned under a mosquito net in a jungle camp hut in the Amazon.
I’m the oldest and the shortest in my house.
I am an identical twin.
I enjoy going to India.
I love travelling to warm places.
I am the daughter and granddaughter of sharecroppers.
I love spiders.
I’m trying to combine western science and eastern mysticism.
I am an aspiring genealogist.
I became a citizen five years ago.
I love new technology.
I love numbers better than words.
I would like to find a way to get my students to participate in TED talks.
I lived in the jungle for three months in Borneo.
I grew up in a chicken coop.
I was named after James Joyces’s protagonist in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.
I am the only girl in my high school’s political club.
I am a minister working in the area of women’s issues: domestic violence, reproductive justice, and motherhood.
I am a student, actor, and interfaith activist.
I’ve been to 49 states.
I once met Daniel Radcliffe.
I studied Italian in Florence.
I research the neurochemistry of creativity.
I am a rabbi.
I am a librarian.
I speak five languages.
I have removed all the lawn from my property to create native and pollinator gardens.
I hate zucchini.
I sold souvenirs on the 86th-floor observatory of the Empire State Building.
A direct ancestor of mine was a signer of the Declaration of Independence.
I have written a book.
I am a soccer goalie.
Lived in a dung hut in Kenya.
I like to draw with charcoal.
The country I come from doesn’t have trains.
My first sewing project was making plaid overalls when I was 9!
I played ice hockey in high school.
I am an artist.
I’ve built robots at the European Space Agency.
I’ve worked in special education for 42 years.
I have worked with governments in many different countries.
I can smile and frown simultaneously.
I am in a graduate program at Case Western Reserve.
I recently moved to Boston and look forward to getting to know more of the city!
I programmed the children’s game Othello with an AI language years ago and was shocked when it beat me!
I would like to hold a TEDx talk in Haiti.
I play with Legos as my daily job!
I’m a member of the AMC New England 4,000 footer club.
I lived in seven different countries by the age of 30.
I’ve been on a safari in South Africa.
I have no religious ties to any one entity.
I am an Irish Jew.