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The Happiest Conference on Earth | Mario Chamorro

Mario Chammorro takes us through the experience of TEDx New Haven April 2012, a conference themed on happiness. Holding true the belief that happiness is the key factor to generating social change, Mario engaged every member of the TEDx New Haven Audience.  Each member was asked to contribute their idea to make the world a happier place. These ideas were compiled into a book titled A Million Ways for a Happier World which was distributed online and in print around the world.

Mario Chamorro was born next to an active volcano in Pasto, Colombia. He has held several positions on Wall Street, worked as an energy consultant in Boston, and organized anti-corruption programs in Colombia. He spoke twice in TEDxBogota, TEDxLionRock in Hong Kong have attended several TEDx events, and was part of the TEDxSummit Qatar in April.  He also is an organizer for TEDxNewHaven, TEDxLionRock and a TEDxSalon in Bogota.