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Let The Birds Fly – The Issue With Caging Parrots

“No Cage is Big Enough”

Danika Oriol-Morway “Da-nee-ka” is the Director of Foster Parrots and The New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary. Her inspiration is  the idea than no flighted wild animal should languish a lifetime of captivity for the sake of being a companion. The program focuses on the conservation, education, and adoption rescue of abused and unwanted parrots as well as other displaced captive exotic animals.

Parrot Watusi

Danika’s mission is to educate the public to make humane choices on behalf of the parrots; keeping parrots as pets raises ethical and practical problems. Right now, there is a crisis of unwanted parrots and other exotic animals, the average is 1 to 2 surrender requests per day.

Parrots Maya and Woodstock

This Saturday, Danika is a Speaker at our Salon event at The Franklin Park Zoo. She will be standing inside a real Baird’s Tapir exhibit to deliver a talk on why animals should not be caged. We anticipate the ironic aspect of her talk will be moving, and inspiring to the audience.

To hear her talk, REGISTER for our event!!