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Kendall Square Audience

Like our Speakers, our audience at the Kendall Square salon includes a long list of fascinating and talented guests. Many are interested in emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, blockchain, robotics, and wearable technology. The crowd will be filled with CEOs, directors, energy specialists, founders, software engineers, presidents, and more! They are affiliated with a wide variety of institutions, such as Bose, Connective DX, Harvard, MA Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education, MIT, Sonos. Some of them have even climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, have 7 dogs, do extreme skiing, and have stood on erupting volcanoes!

The Kendall Square Salon is an opportunity to network and meet all kinds of interesting people, whether they are Speakers or audience members. Come by to learn about technologies you’ve never heard of before, innovative research, or one-of-a-kind groundbreaking ideas!

Check out our sample list of their interests in emerging technologies, job titles, affiliations, and fun facts!

What emerging tech interests you the most?:

Additive manufacturing (metal)
AI (29)
3D printing metal, quantum computers
Augmented reality (3)
Autonomous Driving/ Vehicles (5)
Big data
Blockchain (9)
Clean Energy
Electric infrastructure (3)
Emotional Intelligence (2)
Genetic engineering, editing, manipulation, therapy (6)
Healthcare tech (2)
Internet-driven technologies (2)
IoT (3)
Large armies of small robots
Machine Learning (4)
Medical (6)
Mixed Reality / Robotics / AI (4)
Robotics (3)
Self driving cars (2)
Sustainable / renewable energy (3)
The emerging science of complex systems (2)
Virtual /Augmented Reality (4)
Wearable Tech (2)
Web (3)

Job Titles:

Account Supervisor
Associate Software Engineer
Communications Director
Community Engagement Specialist
Data Scientist
Director (5)
Energy specialist (2)
EVP (2)
Founder & CEO
Instructional Designer
Manager of Media Services
Postdoctoral Researcher (2)
President (2)
Professor (2)
Program Manager
Retired RN
Software Architect
Software Engineer (5)
User Researcher (2)
Visiting Researcher
VP, Client Experience (2)


Ahold USA
Bose Corporation (2)
Boston Children’s Hospital
Boston College
Conformal Medical
Connective DX (2)
Floelle Inc
Harvard University (2)
Lincoln financial group
MA Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education (2)
MIT (12)
MTonomy (4)
Outcome Referrals
Pfizer (2)
Rise Engineering (2)
Saint-Gobain (2)
Society for Participatory Medicine
Tufts University
T3 Advisors

Fun Facts!

I DJ for fun (2)
I know every Beatles song
I was in the music video “This Is Asian America” by Jason Chu.
I have stood on 3 separate erupting volcanoes
I once met Charles and Diana
I use my dad as my test dummy for all my experiments and make up work
I’ve climbed Mt Kilimanjaro
Since 2002 I have been working to free women from the embarrassment of unwanted urine leaks
I write about audiobooks and comics
I do chemical engineering by trade. Bachelor in Biotech and converted data science aficionado!
I am a big proponent of using tech to promote art
I am a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America
Played squash for MIT
I had a beer with the current president of Germany
I once climbed through an open window on the 81st floor of the Empire State Building, and went outside through it
I helped launch cloud software and cloud subscription models while at Lotus/IBM in 1999 with an early web app called InstantTEAMROOM
I build interactive open educational resources
I grow citrus trees in the Boston suburbs
I biked across the country
I met a black bear in a rainforest
I am the founder of the world’s leading blockchain technology for media publishing
I am a complex systems scientist studying society on a large scale using real world data and modeling
Using a two dollar gardening glove, an Arduino, and homemade flexible resistance sensors, I have built a musical glove that allows you to simulate playing a piano with just your fingers. It also measures what relative octave you are in through a combination of an accelerometer and a gyroscope
My cousin wrote Amadeus.
I’ve held jobs in two different African countries.
I am a patent holder, and I’ve spent a night in jail
I hold more than 60 patents
Passionate about information theory
I have come back to college, after being hit by two cars and given traumatic brain injury. The second car drove over my unconscious body.
I took a summer class at MIT titled “Programming the IBM 1620” as a high school student in the early ‘60s..
I’ve been tased before
The summer between high school & college, I sold souvenirs on the Empire State Building’s 86th floor observatory