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A Champion’s Toolbox | Karen Smyers

Karen Smyers has survived a lot—a shard of glass severed part of her hamstring, she was hit by an 18-wheeler, and years later would discover that she had thyroid cancer.  More incredible than the magnitude of what she’s been through is the fact that she not only survived, but she has managed to resume her career as a professional triathlete.  She has won countless World Championships and was inducted into the Triathlon Hall of Fame in 2009.  As only a warrior could, Karen has rehabilitated her body, her career, and her outlook on life using what she calls “The Three P’s”—passion, perseverance, and positive attitude.  This TEDxBeaconStreet talk is an absolute must-see, and will send you through Karen’s journey of highs and lows, motherhood, strength and a still-thriving 28 year career as a professional triathlete.  Her incredible story will leave you engrained with one major thought—failure is only permanent if you stop trying.