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Following Your Dreams When Others Are Mean | Justine Siegal

When Justine Siegal’s daughter was born, Justine decided to stop looking for opportunities and start creating them.  She started  Baseball for All, an organization that helps girls play baseball. Through this organization, and as director of the Sports Partnership at Northeastern University, Justine helps others create their own opportunities, both athletic and academic.

According to Justine, a healthy love of sports should begin in school.  “Sports can teach everything,” she says. “How to fail, how to succeed.  They show you how small the world is.  What begins with movement and fun can go on to teach youngsters how to live.”

In her talk Justine explains how to face meanness with kindness.  “Find positive qualities in everyone,” she says.  She knows what she’s talking about:   Justine was the second female college baseball coach, the first female professional baseball coach and the only woman to pitch batting practice for a major league team.  She inspires on and off the field with her unique perspective on sports and gender.  Citing her daughter as her inspiration she says, “It’s not about making history, it’s about making a better future.”  It looks like Justine will do both.