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Ideas in Action: John Spooner

As we gear up  for TEDxBeaconStreet 2013, we’ve asked our 2012 speakers to share stories about how their talks have driven action over the past year.

John Spooner, took to the TEDxBeaconStreet stage last November to share his thoughts on relationships and human nature and how they guide everything we do. His insights came from No One Ever Told Us That, his book that hit #1 on the Boston Globe bestseller list, made the Washington Post book of the month selection and hit #2 in Amazon business books.


Here are three great stories John had to share…

A young man knocked on my office door a few months ago – someone I did not know. He asked if I had a few minutes and he was carrying a wrapped present in his hands. “ “Sure,”  I said, “ come on in.”

“This is for you,”  he said, “because you changed my life.”

“How’d I do that?”  I asked.

“I saw your TEDxBeaconStreet talk and bought your book. In it there’s a chapter on families. I’d been having problems with my family for years and one of your solutions for this said, ‘Love your family. But don’t let them suck the oxygen out of the room.’ That phrase gave me the courage to speak out. The relief was so palpable it was amazing. Thank you for changing my life.”

Another man saw the TEDxBeaconStreet presentation and bought a number of books for all the seniors on the Villanova Lacrosse team as they were about to graduate. “The words in your talk filled a huge gap for me in the education of these young people. Thanks for writing it, and for your words on stage.”

The producer of ‘The Sting’ and other great movies, saw the talk and emailed me saying, “I’m linking all of my large network to your talk. A must-see.”

We’re so proud that our speakers and our community take ideas into action and we can’t wait to continue to change lives in 2013.

Watch John Spooner’s talk and share it with friends – it is, indeed, a must-see!