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Ideas in Action Award to Lara Stein & the TEDx team

This year we kicked off a new tradition, the Ideas in Action award. The inaugural award goes to Lara Stein and the TEDx team. Lara is pictured here with the award in hand while at an Adventure at the MIT Media Lab, along with her son Blake who gave an incredible piano performance at TEDxYouth@BeaconStreet.

Lara is the founder of TEDx, the movement that allows local communities like ours to hold their own TED events. Under Lara’s leadership she and her talented team have seen more than 8,000 TEDx events blossom worldwide, with new TEDx events happening at the rate of 30+ per day, generating well over 35,000 TEDx videos.

Lara Stein and the TEDx team are the embodiment of Ideas in Action and we were honored to have had Lara attend and participate in TEDxBeaconStreet and we’re so pleased to recognize the important work she and the TEDx team do each day.

The award itself was created by Ben Peters who took our Ideas in Action logo and printed a 3D model of it at MIT.  Brilliant!  Thank you Ben, for creating “Our Oscar.”