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How Our Legacy Lives Forever

How often do you pick up your phone and take a selfie? Well, how often do you think about the process of your phone working while you do it? For Hisham Bedri, taking a selfie is a mystical experience he describes to us through the use of poetry.

When you look up at the sky and see the stars twinkle and stutter you are simultaneously seeing lost and confused photons traveling at the speed of light. These photons find their way to a multitude of places, including microwaves, movie theaters, and your own cellphone.

It all starts when you lift your finger and press the button. ‘Click’, a simple snap of an image sends transistors into an epic dance across the universe.

We look at our image made up on the screen, made of photons, and the action is forever recorded in the universe.

The information photons circulate is never lost, and that is how our legacy lives forever.

Hisham studied Electrical Engineering at Tufts University. Hisham’s passion is creating this generations ‘Iron Man’, and he has developed a system to see around corners and through objects using sound waves.

Thank you Hisham for delivering such an intelligent poem on our stage, want to learn more? Watch HERE