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High Altitude Balloon Adventure – Join the TEDxYouth Space Program!

Not only does Tom Horn help run the International Space Station, he’s also going to help YOU launch a balloon into space

After learning about the wonders of space travel from International Space Station engineer Tom Horn will lead an Adventure that will let you experience the new space age first hand.

With the help of High Altitude Science, TEDxYouth attendees will get to construct and launch a balloon to the edge of space from the same field that gets used for school recess!

During a trip lasting several hours the balloon will travel over 100,000 feet in altitude, experiencing temperatures colder than the depths of the arctic and a near-complete vacuum.  Throughout its flight the balloon will broadcast amazing images of what Boston and the surrounding areas look like from space!

Channel your inner astronaut as you follow along on the live video feed of our balloon’s incredible journey, tracking its path on a world map while watching as it rises high enough to show the curvature of the Earth.

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