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Gifts for Any Season

Have you ever struggled to come up with unique and meaningful gifts for birthdays or holidays?

Two of our TEDxBeaconStreet 2013 speakers have set the bar about as high as it can be set with their once-in-a-lifetime gifts to their loved ones.

Cerise Jacobs, a lawyer and entrepreneur, woke up one day inspired to write a new American opera as a 75th- birthday gift to her husband Charles.  She based the opera on the most beloved myth in China — the thousand-year-old legend of the White Snake.  Charles lived to see the world premier of Madame White Snake, which won the 2011 Pulitzer Prize.  Watch The Snake Charmer’s Birthday Gift here.

Allyssa Bates donated a kidney to her younger brother Chris.  In her talk, Confessions of a Kidney Donor, she talks about the donation process from the donor’s perspective, saying, “I had so many questions about what my life would look like post-donation, and it was very difficult to find answers.  By sharing my story, I hope more people consider becoming a donor as they realize it doesn’t have to slow them down.”  It’s clear that Allyssa didn’t slow down – 10 months after giving her brother a kidney, she ran the Boston Marathon!

As we reflect on 2013, we are clear that our biggest gift is you, the TEDxBeaconStreet community!  Thank you for another wonderful year.