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Improving Nutrition on a Global Scale | Geoff von Maltzahn

When could society tackle the twin epidemics of starvation and obesity? 50 years? 100 years? What about today?

Geoff von Maltzahn from Flagship VentureLabs explains how their team harnessed the power of technology, biology, and economics to launch Pronutria- a company that takes a system approach to the twin crises of malnutrition and is developing a new solution with the potential to improve nutrition globally in a sustainable, cost-effective way. By identifying the best proteins in food and designing low-cost, low-input methods of producing these proteins– all without requiring arable land, Pronutria could provide essential protein nutrition to every person on Earth with only a piece of land the size of Rhode Island.

Geoffrey von Maltzahn, PhD, is an award winning biological engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur, a Principal in Flagship VentureLabs, and a founder of multiple biotech companies including Pronutria, Seres Health, and Sienna Labs.