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We asked, and you gave. We’d like to thank our conference registrants for the awesome fun facts they provided to us! It’s great to know we’ll have some really intriguing people in the audience at the Lincoln School this weekend. From programmers and adventure hikers, moms and chefs, to acrobats and entrepreneurs, our audience is a blend of truly impressive feats. These people will be wandering the halls at TEDxBeaconStreet this weekend, so make sure you talk to a few!

See a selection of our awesome audience fun facts below!


I’m an activist and award-winning poet.

I started a website with 10M+ content views

I proved why you need to sleep before learning anything new.

I’m working on vision correction using state of the art science.

I run a weekly web series Following Boston social photographers on and off-line.

I biked across the country!

I’ve run over 50 half marathons

I integrated the all male bastion of ice cream truck drivers when I was a high school girl in Jersey.

I can wiggle my ears at the same time and individually

I’m a certified advance scuba diver but I don’t know how to swim

I was the youngest male honouree at the 2012 Technology Review 35 Innovators under 35

I teach sex education to 9th grade Boston Public School students.

When I was growing up in Florida I loved when a big storm was blowing through.  I would grab my parent’s old parachute (they were skydivers) and my modified wake board, drive out to an open field, and “land surf” the strong winds that came with the squalls.

In 2013, I drove a motorbike from Ireland to Mongolia to raise money for a children’s hospital in Ireland.

I have turned a living cell into miniature laser.

I practice walking on my hands

I am an heir to the Duchy of Tbilisi, Georgia

I got engaged at the Boston Marathon Finish line in 2014.

I ran Ryan Reynolds’ website for 2 years.

I got engaged at the Boston Marathon Finish line in 2014.

I compete in military obstacle course races (OCRs) and am a 2x OCR World Championship Finisher

I’m a marketing exec passionate about using music/film/theatre/fine arts as tools for social change and cultural diplomacy.

I am a former U.S. Champion and just placed 4th at the World Aikido Championships in Australia as part of the U.S. Team

I’m featured on page 49 of the 2016 edition of Guinness World Records in the section about penguins.

I’ve taught English to students from over 50 countries.

I am fanatical about steaming the perfect stuffed artichoke, much to my wife’s chagrin.

I run marathons

I’ve completed two transatlantic sails on a 45-foot wooden schooner.

I’m a retired United States Marine Corps fighter pilot, primarily F-18s.

I was part of an archaeological dig in Peru that ended up in National Geographic online.

I’m a daybreaker! I bring morning yoga dance parties to Boston

I was a November Project Boston Co-Leader for a year… I helped to build community through free fitness

I’ve worked for the winter Olympics in Vancouver.

I own a pet zebra

I have an awesome collection of outlandish bow ties

I can simultaneously flip and catch stacks of 50 bar coasters (one for each hand).

I work on an 18th century replica tall ship!

I am undertaking a Fellowship in cardiovascular radiology in the Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

I hold a U.S. Patent for a medical imaging device

I have a pet whale named Emerson, and cannnot seem to forget the first 100 digits of pi.

I have won hula hoop competitions

I’m Chair of the Brookline Democratic Town Committee.

I play Elephant Polo.

I’m a sketchnoter, trained chef and have a doctorate degree in education.

I’m a former National MISS T.E.E.N.

I worked for the company that created Russia’s leading search engine during the early days of the Russian Internet.

I adopted a section of the Appalachian Trail to maintain.

I’m a SCUBA PADI certified Divemaster

Why teach when you can mold?

We set up a “lab” in our basement for so the kids can tinker more easily.

I own and run a summer camp for kids in Maine and I still barefoot water ski regularly.

I put strung together a set of experiences this summer to create my personal summer camp – a host of challenges and reconnections with things I love to do.

I used to be a clown

I want to connect the world through Latin Dance.

I am a year sober today!

I’ve been less than 10 feet away from a great white shark.

I am an arson investigator!

I am part of the Delta Bravo Urban Exploration Team (DBUET) .  DBUET provides  “pop culture exploration.”

I have done yoga on top of a volcano in Indonesia.

I am the founder and director of a non-profit organization — an academic, leadership summer camp in Hinche, Haiti (established in 2009).

I grew up on a self sufficient goat farm.

I am a championship roller skater.

I have a scar on my shoulder from when my mountain lion bite me

I can escape from a straitjacket in less than one minute

I’ve been to the Arctic Circle!

I can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under 30 seconds.

I traveled on a mission to Honduras where I gained some dentistry experience while helping the community in need.

I got evacuated by US marines during the 2006 Lebanese war

I once was dragged down a dirt road by a miniature pony

I can ride a unicycle.

I am the proud parent of one of the first-time speakers for this weekend series.

I’ve climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro

I dream of writing poetry in space.

I serve as a Beadle at my university, which includes carrying around a 45 pound ceremonial mace to ‘protect’ our Chancellor during convocation.

I spent my 50th birthday hiking in Patagonia

I am an electrophysiologist studying how emotional brain states affect behavior.

I’m the Senior Pastor of one of the largest churches in MA

I’m the sister of a speaker

I spend one night a week in jail teaching women cognitive skills

I’ve hosted my own weekly radio show

I am food blog addict and a compulsive cookbook buyer. I love to investigate about culture and traditions related to food.

I saw Watergate court in action

I have built Linux systems to look and feel just like Windows and Mac systems

I speak 6 languages

I need espresso shots to sleep.

I allow myself a 3-5 minute crush on at least 1 new person a day.

I was a Lost Boy of Sudan

I have a Bernese Mountain Dog who studies nosework, is a therapy dog and a reading partner and will train to be a K9 first responder.

I’ve biked over 2,000 miles so far this year.

I was a NYS breaststroke champion –at age 6

I worked in Liberia at the outset of the Ebola outbreak

I am the voice of a Pokemon character.

I designed and fabricated a lead tether to train with a blind athlete.  It was the first time the athlete felt comfortable running with a tether.

I am a recreational pilot

I use math to study human emotions

I speak 9 indian languages

Main question for 2016: Should I stay or should I go now?

I’m a host for Tea with Strangers in Boston, and am pleasantly surprised every time I host a tea time by the intellect, curiosity, and openness of my neighbors.

I jumped off a bridge and out of a plane in the same day— and LOVED it!

In the US, I was in the top 20 Table Tennis players 12 years old and under

I’m excited to be speaking at TEDxBeaconStreet for the first time.

I designed the operational system for GLOBE.gov which was the first large scale environmental education program using a graphical interface to the World Wide Web.

I’m currently in the process of writing the first secondary source on a historic property in Newport.

I was a member of a Technovation challenge team that made it to the world finals in San Francisco this June for an app we developed to assess alertness before driving

I’ve been to every continent.

I first started listening to TED talks late at night on the radio in jail. They have motivated me to do better and sparked my thoughts since.

I enjoy sword dancing!

I have hiked the Appalachia Trail.

I am a garbage man gone medical student  gone scientist

I was the youngest CEO in my company’s 120 year history

I organized my first TEDx event before I could drink in the states!

I abandoned ship in Antarctica, sailed my boat across the Atlantic Ocean, and can operate a bulldozer.

My family belongs to an African Royal Lineage in Nigeria

I build drones

I ride a unicycle!

I asked my wife to marry me seven times.

I lived with a famous tarot card reader in  Spain for 4 months.

I’ve become a semi-pro-farm-animal-noise-maker since my first kid was born in June.

I climbed Kilimanjaro twice

I’m in the top 10 youngest brokers/buying agents to have sold condos in the Millennium Tower.

I’ve visited 50 countries in the past 5 years

I directed and produced a feature-length documentary about veterans with PTSD who use the bicycle as a means of therapy.

I am a published author, working on releasing my first children’s book.

I work for Hillary Clinton.

I run Relief 2.0 with Carlos Miranda Levy and I’ve been to almost all the major disasters including the Nepal Earthquake this year.

I played tennis professionally and ranked #3 in the State when I was younger.

I once danced for an African chief.

My grandmother was a POW in WWII

I once survived a cold night in white mountains with a friend by making a fire with Oreos.

I’m planning to break a world record in January.

After 23 years in the same career, I’m now challenging myself to do 23 careers in 1 year!

I hacked Snapchat

I once ran in to a burning building to save two children.

I helped create the open platform for the Uber-ification of sanitation in Senegal, getting honey sucker truckers to bid for jobs by SMS.

I am working to bring better data to education reform decisions in West Africa.

I’m a fiddle player and I toured the country with a folk punk band a few years ago.

I once found myself without a place to stay in Rome and ending up sleeping in Circus Maximus.

I trekked 100k across rural India, in 5 days in 110F.

I team up with my husband to organize one of the larger alternative transportation events in New England each year

I genetically engineered a Bacillus.

I made the world’s first genetically engineered light beer. It was a stunning scientific achievement but a total business failure.

I played on the first Chinese national women’s ultimate frisbee team.

Odd numbers wigg me out.

I started coding at 8 years old.

I befriended a temple monkey in India

I’m a Bollywood dancer!

I’m an amateur Russian bard

I was a professional steel drum player at 14 years old.

I like to light birthday candles in binary.

I work as a pilgrim.

I have played every position in hockey at a competitive level

I have a home that is totally off the grid, which has taught me self sufficiency and how to live more gently on the earth.

I study improv comedy.

I used to play the euphonium.

I used to write and direct major films.

I am handsome but would prefer to be a knight.

I have trained in flying trapeze with Cirque de Soleil performers.

I know what the grubs Simba ate taste like.

I was once a world ranked Monopoly player

I received a national award for teaching aerospace education to elementary through middle school students

I walked 100 miles with no money and no food on a dare to raise money for charity.

In 2010, I visited Kosovo as an ethnic Serbian on a research trip regarding refugee repatriation, and met the President of the country.

I served in First Gulf War.

I read 4 newspapers per day

I can make roosters crow on demand 🙂

I played chess with the world champion, V Anand …and had a draw!

I am on the list to be an astronaut

I’m trying to build the most awesome electric-powered VW bus!

My husband is one of the speakers this year!

I’ve jumped off one of the highest bungee jumps in the world.

I swam in the Macabbi Games

I created a phone to help my students with enunciation and pronunciation

I teach fire-eating as part of a tradition honoring LGBT activists who lost their lives when their home was firebombed in the middle of the night.

I was one of the first to launch the Pay for Success movement.

We build electronic creatures for fun

I survived a poisonous snake bite from the jungles of Sierra Leone.

I once danced on the light up dance floor from Saturday Night Fever.

I trained as a chef in a 1 star Michelin restaurant starting when I was 13

My organization is helping send vulnerable children to high quality schools in Tanzania, Africa. We’re also developing schools with tech centers, libraries and sport centers

I’m a member of an a capella quartet that performs The American Songbook

I have delivered a baby in a combat zone

I work with trains, making sure you get to TEDxBeaconStreet on time.

Every 6 years I move to a different city. Its very valuable to learn new cultures but sometime very stressful as search for local friends starts all over again.

I can go without sleep 72 hours (when needed!)

I have been skydiving and bungy jumping, but am deathly  afraid of spiders.

I’m one of only 12 artists studying at MIT

I videotaped the 100th birthday of Ed Bernays, father of modern PR.

I will be traveling with my team and mentor halfway across the world to present our idea in the 2015 Igniting Innovation Summit on Social Entrepreneurship as a Global Trailblazer (winner) selected in their Village to Raise a Child competition.

I’m travelling 7000 miles, across an ocean even, to attend the event.

I’m a plant scientist working to produce higher quality food year-rounds using advanced plant technology.

I’m an international Photographer and founder of the HoodFit movement

My wedding had a Scrabble theme.

I was part of the first group of Peace Corps volunteers to serve in the former Soviet Union in Estonia.

I have made out with a giraffe – her name was Daisy.

I’m a Fitness trainer who is caught in a love affair with cake

I love yard sales and craigslist – it’s so fun to found something from another era and a great feeling to unite a cool object with its new owner

I was born with Situs Inversus Totalis Dextra Cardia.

I have a pink titanium plate holding my left eye.

I worked on Obama’s 2012 campaign

I was the first saudi female lawyer

I’ve danced on stage with Green Day at a sold out stadium.

I once ate dinner at the same banquet table as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, but didn’t realize I was sharing a table with him until he was introduced by the Master of Ceremonies.

My daughter and son-In-law are both speakers.

I used to be in the Colombian national fencing team

I’ve never watched Star Wars

I slept in the same room with a donkey.

I started a tech summer camp for kids I’ve been running for three years while studying undergrad at MIT.

I once accidentally swore at Michelle Obama.

I was an NYPD investigator for CCRB

I used to trick or treat at President Nixon’s house.

I have done aid work in Cambodia!

I am the 15th great grandson of Martin Luther, impetus of the protestant reformation.

I was the very first Miss Teen USA

I was a member of the Costa Rican Olympic Gymnastics Team

I built a restaurant at the age of 25.

I did archery off a horse.

I have traveled the world looking for carnivorous plants in the wild

I’m a Knight

I play in a Balinese gamelan ensemble.

I love jumping out of planes

I would like to learn how to yodel. Really.

My husband and I were the first same-sex couple to ever get married in Harvard’s Memorial Church.

In 1982, some of you may have benefitted from my discovery of how to get free games from Space Invaders.

I’m a travel blogger and have climbed the tallest peaks on two continents.

I sailed a tall ship from Gloucester to Puerto Rico.

I’m an avid sailor and amateur neuroscientist.

I am in the process of building a women’s and girls activewear empire.

On my last day of high school, I Rick Rolled the school over the PA system.

I had Thanksgiving dinner with Frank Capra

I consulted with a micro entrepreneur in a South African township!

I interned with Governor Patrick!

I can write forwards and backwards simultaneously.

I once consumed one Fenway Frank per inning for an entire regulation game

I bear a remarkable likeness to Beaker

I founded Panache13, an athletic attire and accessory business, at age 14.

While escorting VIPs to their seats at the screening of my father’s movie, I slipped and fell down the stairs landing at the feet of Queen Noor.

At 62 years old, I race GoKarts at 100 mph

I was the only girl in my high school to compete on a boys’ varsity team (Coxswain in crew)!

I broke the world record in making a origami magic ball out of 200 square feet of paper.

After he died, I discovered that my father had worked on a top-secret CIA-sponsored mission.

I’ve taught 10,000 students in an MIT-based MOOC.

I lived with a medicine woman in Chile for 2 months on a reservation

I ride a unicycle and am addicted to documentaries

I have a knack for extremely difficult puzzles

I am an avid snowboarder and used to have dread locks to my knees

I can fell asleep in less than a minute

I use renaissance art to teach mythology, and love to compare Classical and Christian iconography.

One of the times in my life making the best memories was a period during which I was essentially homeless.  It taught me a lot about what I need for my self and for my community.

In high school I represented my town in front of the Prime Minister of India

I play Tabla

I have performed Improv Comedy for 3 years

I got up at 3am to look for nesting sea turtles a couple month ago.

I’ve spent many cold nights at 18000 feet in the Andes

As a freshman in high school in 1963, I had a paid job helping college students with their computer programming homework.

I have had lunch with the queen

I lived and worked in Cairo during the Arab Spring.

I tried to build a hovercraft when I was 11. (It didn’t go too well).

I spontaneously went to the Amazon and spent 10 days in the jungle with a Peruvian family.

I have been playing the piano since the age of four, and I would love to combine music and data analysis.

I have 100 cousins, I have lived in 15 homes across 4 continents, and have attended 11 different schools.

I’m the former school chaplain at Phillips Exeter Academy.

I make pinatas in my spare time.

I’m an infectious disease researcher trying to identify and develop innovative new ways to improve human health

I sat next to Sinbad on an airplane!

I’m a string theorist!

I’ve been a Boy Scout since 1980

I worked with a parole officer and certified outdoor specialists in an outdoor program with at risk juveniles (14-17). I would like to start a similar program in this area.

I am a woman who wants to change the field of pharmacy, especially neurological and psychiatric. I want to improve the lives of others, and help them with their drug therapy.

I was one of 100 girls in the 1960’s who was given massive amounts of hormones to stunt my growth.  I was considered “too tall for a girl”.

I was one of the top organizers of the 1969 anti war Moratorium on Boston Common.

I started a community choir/

dialogue group to bring people together across race, culture, and different neighborhoods to sing together and get to know each other.

I am an avid collector of bar soap, and have amassed samples of soap from most of the fifty states and many countries around the world.

I hold a MA record in powerlifting

I have been working full-time on improving college access and success for people from low-income backgrounds for over 50 years and am still going strong!

I have swam with Great White Sharks

I worked in a Chinese minority village for 3 months trying to connect tourists to the local culture there.

I teach parkour for a living!

I am a nautical archaeologist by training

I’m working on creating a new app for hydration as well as a podcast on issues going on with the Millennial generation.

Despite all my other life commitments, I read an average of a book a week!

I was an author of Atari video games

I’m a rowing national champ!

I flew around the world in 8 days over the summer!

I created a 5 hour live telethon that raised 6,800 dollars for Habitat for Humanity.

My greatest, most irrational fear is the giant red spot on Jupiter. TERRIFYING.

I surf in Maine when it is zero degrees.

I am fascinated by the Sumerian civilization and enjoyed doing a project on the role of Mesopotamian fashion in social hierarchy recently.

I went bungee jumping during my honeymoon although I had been shot in the head 2 years earlier in Iraq.

As a kid I dreamed of being a jazz singer in Harlem.