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FUN FACTS: Meet the 2014 Audience

You never know who’s in the room!  Meet the first 1000 audience members of our Awesome Audience!  Which Fun Fact do you like? Can you find yours?

1. Technology and music lover!
2. Hairdresser who uses tin foil to curl hair.
3. “Army brat” who moved 10 times before turned 17.
4. Future Ted talk speaker talking about “how to poison yourself with sugar”
5. First TEDx talk attendee.
6. World explorer who lived in four different countries before the age of ten.
7. One of twenty eight kids (different moms).
8. An international student who has done a lot of great volunteer work.
9. Guinness world record holder.
10. Hubway fanatic.
11. Burlesque dancer who has been on HBO.
12. Language lover including American Sign Language.
13. Mechanical engineering student looking for new technologies.
14. Mother of blue merle sheltie, college sophomore and Brookline high senior.
15. Co founder of Childhood Development Center in Maine.
16. Overactive prefrontal cortex owner.
17. WOOFer on a farm in Costa Rica over the summer.
18. Lisa Ellman’s guest.
19. Counselor at an intertribal summer youth program for American Indian youth.
20. INTJ who loves bulldogs.
21. Born on the Fourth of July.
22. Prize winner from Waseda University who loves Japan.
23. TED talk fan from Thailand.
24. Scientist who loves bananas.
25. Person who desires being stranded on a tropical island to experience jungle and plan survival.
26. Geography and map lover.
27. Traveler to over 25 countries in my 22 years and still traveling
28. Unfriendly on the surface.  Warm and funny inside.
29. MIT computer science alumnus turned dermatologist.
30. Boston Marathon Charity runner.
31. Housemother to 30 orphaned and abandoned girls in Kenya for a year.
32. Computer and software engineer, involved in STEM for the next generation.
33. Multi country passport holder.
34. Addicted to meditation.
35. Boston winter biker.
36. Person who sees life as a musical.
37. Marketer for Massport.
38. Champagne Party Popper (pooper?) during an aria at the Metropolitan Opera.
39. Former fulfillment logistics summer intern in one of  fastest growing ecommerce companies in Africa.
40. Futuristic watchmaker.
41. “To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”
42. Driver for 15 hours through the steppe of Kazahkstan from Almaty to Astana.
43. Founder of Bots in the Rox in Roxbury to increase STEM activity to youth. 
44. TEDxChange Scholar for TED Global 2014.
45. UN Adventurer.
46. Obsessiver knitter. 
47. Taking up scuba and maybe figuring it All out.
48. Person interested in different ideologies of thinking.
49. Multiple nose piercer.
50. Antartica camper.
51. Owner of bread business in high school.
52. Lover of learning.
53. World traveler.
54. Future orthopedic surgeon with four knee surgeries before age 20.
55. Future children’s author.
56. Pre-retiree interested in a good conversation.
57. Builder of innovation/collaboration networks.
58. BUILD mentor.
59. BU School of Management teaching assistant.
60. Brookline Girls Softball team coach.
61. Former Brookline Music School student. 
62. Climber lost for 4 days above 16,000 feet.
63. Part Ukrainian who speaks Ukrainian fluently.
64. Locks for lover.
65. Screenplay writer yet to feature-length production.
66. Person with two extra fingers.
67. First time TED event goer!
68.  Parent getting his children 1st dog as surprise!
69. Crazy person who skydived and bungee jumped within 24 hours!
70. Anti-nihilist.
71. Card magician who wants to see Marco Tempest.
72. A Sociologist who spawns Sociologists. Wishes he were a clown!
73. Dancer and physicist.
74. Canberra (Australia) marathon runner in April 2014.
75. Tandem bicyclist all 4 years in college.  
76. Coordinator of  Ice Bucket Challenge held on roof that Martin Sheen was thrown off in Departed.
77. Creator of worlds only daily podcast about travel.
78. Holder of every job in the software industry.
79. A triplet who grew up in Zimbabwe.
80. Altruistic person helping all kids learn.
81. Co-facilitator of “Moving On” that works with My Sister’s Keeper program.
82. Stereo photographer who uses cha-cha method.
83. Teacher of ESL Improv class for international students.
84. Retiree trying to figure out what to do next.
85. Samoan.
86. Accordion player.
87. Musician and computer scientist.
88. Self-taught student of differential equations.
89. Head chef of three popular local restaurants.
90. Owner of 1973 Toyota Corolla acquired with two cases of beer in New Zealand.
91. Lover of spontaneity and appreciative of diversity.
92. CFO of non-profit that engages youth in sustainable and organic agriculture.
93. Speaker at TEDx Piscataqua Spring 2014.
94. Bolivian.
95. Skier (former?) on US Women’s Ski team.
96. Tea lover.
97.Born on Mother’s Day in Costa Rica.
98. Moved cross country in Whole Foods sponsored Greasecar-converted Ford Econoline “ECOVAN” using recycled cooking oil.
99. Meeting and event producer who has watched +40,000 hours of presentations!
100. 50 year Brookline resident who’d rather live on the bayou.
101. Founder of Dog Health News and cable TV show called “Street Dog Video”.
102. Filmmaker of Adrianne Haslet-Davis, Boston marathon bombing survivor.
103.  Ron Dantowitz’s brother.
104.  “The Skin on My Chin” children’s book author.
105. Creator of donkey race for 24th birthday party.
106.  First time husband and wife attendees.
107.  Foolish person disguised as serious
108.  Adventurer challenging huge fear of heights.
109.  Mind reader.
110.  Gloria named after Hurricane Gloria.
111.  Walking advertisement for chaco sandals in Swiss Alps.
112.  Lover of Boston winters.
113. Non-lawyer who wrote first Pay for Success contracts.
114. Ted talk viewer who multitasks doing laundry.
115. Former college drummer to make ends meat.
116. TEDxCambridge Director
117. Half marathon runner
118. Bank teller aspirerer.
119. Headliner at pub in Galway.
120. Fenway Frank lover.
121. TEDMED lover.
122. Workaholic.
123.  Founder of successful healthcare startup.
124.  Yogibo enthusiast.
125. Human and women’s rights activist.
126. Axe thrower
127. Aspires to become professional speaker
128. Employee of Mr.Wizard.
129. Genetic lefty
130. Under age 30 and founder of several startups.
131.  Boston bicyclist
132. Co-Author of autobiography of holocaust survivor.
133. Under water inhabitant for a year.
134. Person with Situs Inversus Totalis Dextra Cardia, .01% of population.
135. Starving student who survived on beans.
136. Member of armed services.
137. Inhabitant of 1620s cottage.
138. Chess lover.
139. Lover of cursive writing.
140. Enthusiast for origami, woodworking, and HiFi audio
141. INFJ
142. Middle school English teacher
143. Spoken Word Teacher
144. Haitian/Dominican who loves fashion.
145. Employee of iMan Fashion Group
146. Designer and builder of custom renaissance era furniture.
147. Dual marathon runner in one week.
148. Climber who carried keg up King’s Peak Mountain.
149. Member of high school steel drum band.
150. Aspiring mechanical engineer turning mid-70s VW bus into de-luxe electric vehicle.
151. TEDxBeaconStreet returnee!
152. Hitch hiker in Andes in car with novice manual driver.
153.  Marathon runner.
154. Dance enthusiast.
155. Boston paraplegic interested in medical innovations at TED.
156. Student interested in founding TED-ED club
157. Dubber of cartoons in Hebrew.
158. Lover of music, life and love!
159. Optimist
160. Motorcycle builder and brewer of beer
161. Turkish citizen.
162. Skydiver over six European countries
163. College soccer player.
164. Resident of Silicon Valley before it was named Silicon Valley.
165. Beekeeper
166. Shakespeare Geek.
167. Double jointed on all limbs.
168. Interactive cartographer of cities and urban ecosystems.
169. Child actor in TV commercial that ran for 12 years.
170. Magician
171. Linguist of 5 languages.
172. Aspiring baker of perfect chocolate chip cookie
173. Graphic Design educator
174.  Yoga enthusiast.
175. Argentinean Civil Engineer and Fulbright recipient.
176. Fan of Beacon Street and American muffins.
177. Dreamer of building signature bridge
178. Viewer who watches TED Talks while using weighted hula hoop
179.  Former nurse and artist.
180. First year public school teacher.
181. Fiddler
182. Ballroom dancer
183. Former motorcycle industry employee.
184. Displaced Arizona desert rat
185. Silk painter.
186. Thirty-six year old with 21 year old girl twins!
187. 16 year old CEO/Founder of clothing brand
188. Civil war enthusiast since childhood.
189. Part Cherokee, German and Swedish
190. 2nd career as aspiring children’s author
191. Aspiring website designer for writers
192. Aspiring designer of app for early readers
193. Radio City Music Hall performer
194. Individual
195. Architecture enthusiast
196. Competitive bowler in high school
197. Follower of body literacy
198. Former Apple employee pursuing fun things like TedX!
199. Pond traveler living in Berlin.
200. Recent graduate degree recipient hoping to rediscover passions in Boston.
201. Believer in democratic principles to improve the world.
202. Person interested in nexus of planning, design and public policy.
203.  Recent grad school graduate, new to Boston, impressed with mentors and inspiring leaders.
204.  Avid sports spectator including Greek Olympics
205.  Fan of Robert Redford.
206.  Two time Boston Marathoner.
207. Data scientist at mobile marketing startup
208.  Cheer dancer from Japan.
209. Person with synesthesia
210. Organic farmer.
211.  Engineer turned librarian. 
212.  Runner in Tough Mudder 2011 dressed as Lady Gaga
213. Softball, volleyball and sneaker enthusiast.
214.  Former college baseball player.
215. Boston event attendee
216. Scuba diver.
217. Dreamer of creating a good-willing network based film “Pay It Forward”.
218. Ballroom dancer and former speaker of TEDxBeaconStreet event!
219.  Enthusiast for cooking different types of foods.
220.  Activist for replacing <3 (heart) with @ (brain) believing the heart symbol is anachronistic and love is experienced in our brain.
221. Weblogger: http://followmehere.com
222. Greek who’s first generation PhD
223.  Girls flag football coach.
224. Skilled musician of 8+ instruments and learning French.
225.  Person without the sense of smell.
226. Former Peace Corps Volunteer in Burkina Faso, West Africa
227. Traveler to Bali for Divemaster certification
228.  Alaskan born and raised an agricultural farm in Washington
229. Inhabitant of sustainable community on Big Island of Hawaii
230.  Glassblower since age 14 with aspirations for own studio
231.  Hollywood walk-on in movies.
232. Person who camped out 8 days in National Theater of Great Britain to get 1st job.
233. Serial startup employee, working for 58th startup.
234.  Comic book fan.
235.  Single father with boy/girl twins ages 2 years 10 months.
236.  Short stature construction worker now comfortable with his size after brush with death.
237.  Transient.
238. Person who can’t swim.
239. Half marathon participant without any training.
240.  Person who has never bought an Apple product.
241. Person who hasn’t eaten peanut butter since age 8.
242. Fortune teller with 50% success rate.
243. Person with hyperthymestia
244. Ambidextrous ping pong player.
245. Former college mascot.
246.  Aging hippie
247. Undefeated Eastern Sprints League Champion (boats).
248.  Author of book about guy and cult during summer in Ptown. 
249. Jump rope camp counselor for girls for 7 years
250. Illustrator of childrens books about Boston athletes i
251. Former Xmas tree farmer whose become timber farmer.
251. Knitting enthusiast.
252. Person with 9 siblings.
253.  Net neutrality enthusiast.
254. Former TEDx online viewer now 1st time attendee. 
255. Person (not Chinese or would be royalty) with equilateral triangle of moles on left side of face.
256. Closet techie who lived abroad in China, Saudi Arabia and Italy.
257.  Sleep expert.
258. Adventurer.
259. BU junior from India
260. Swimmer who sinks in pool (a category of 20% people)
261. Glass artist of public art installations.
262. Newfie from Newfoundland.
263. English teacher in China.
264. Cross country cyclist Bike & Build after graduating from BU!
265. Former Apache helicopter pilot in the Army.
266. Person with sixth sense.
267. +50 country world traveler who most recently did an expedition in Antarctica (and swam in icy water) and travelled to North Korea 
268. Boston born and bred who believed father spelled “farther.”
269. Person who lived in 3 slums in 3 different countries
270. Breast Cancer Survivor who has been bald and thinks hair is over rated!
271. Person who believes that being non judgemental makes the world feel bigger.
272. Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali, West Africa during the coup d’etat in 2012.
273. Visitor of the continental divide between the Atlantic, the North Sea, and the Mediterranean
274.  Lover of Brookline
275. TedX enthusiast.
276. Person who wore an eyepatch in kindergarten.
277. Summer 2014 World Cup attendee.
278. Tri-linguist of French, German and English.
279.  3-time cancer survivor.
280. Junior triathlon participant in Japan at age 6.
281. Person who took gap year in Australia.
282. Theology student who is also a multi-instrumentalist and composer.
283. 5k blindfolded runner.
284. Peace Corps volunteer Sierra Leone 1967-69
285. Closet poet.
286. Photographer.
287. Former horse wrangler in Grand Teton National Park
288. Doctor’s office employee who is passionate artist.
289. Asian person living in Jewish Culture House at Tufts who attends shabbat dinners lol
290. Co-creator of GIFGIF and Pantheon. E-sports (League of Legends) advocate and fanboy.
291. Hip hop college dance team member.
292. Founder of Soul Patch Sisters Inc.
293. A twin
294. Person from Slovenia.
295.  Discoverer of world’s first 3D laser.
296. An award winning non-Russian dancer in Tyumen, Russian
297.  Week long white water rafter in Grand Canyon
298. Healthcare hacker who also binge watch movies 🙂
299. Participant of MITx Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp
300. Avid event goer.
301. Ukranian spouse of MIT grad student.
302. Happy TED loyalist making the most out of year living in Boston.
303. Person interested in blurring lines of artist and artisan.
304. A triplet!
305. Former video music director for Punk bands.
306. TED skeptic
307. Person who  lived and taught in Namibia.
308. TED talks lover.
309. Accountant who deeply wants to be a rock star
310. Swiss resident with dual citizenship in both Holland and Canada.
311.Passionate for fashion and loves to smile!
312. BU student from Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire) and Beirut (Lebanon).
313. New England enthusiast who sold everything to live here.
314. Math enthusiast who applies concepts to creating clothing, and making toys from spinning yarn and knitting.
315. Figure skater
316.  Person who can lick his/her elbow!
317. Former coach of girls AAU basketball team that went to sweet 16 AAU Nationals in Orlando.
318. Former talk show guest in China.
319. New to Concord school committee member
320. Ironman participant
321. Former music composer for a high school play.
322. Owner/operator of online sustainability company.
323. RBC Royal Bank of Canada employee.
324. Passionate about learning new things, music and dancing.
325. Foreman on murder trial freshman year in college
326. Person without a fun fact!
327. Attendee of 9 TED Conferences. 
328. Global health person who wasn’t able to shower for month while living in rural town in Kenya.
329. Developer of an impact investing strategy for EDF.
330. Kids music lyricist and composer of AndyRoo and the AndyRooniverse.
331. Brookline-based global music manager.
332. First time TEDxBeaconStreet participant.
333. Former Jewish student at a Catholic school.
334. Bunny lover.
335. Person with a bigger heart than appears on the surface.
336. Weather person who previously worked in tech, data, and advertising.
337. Parent without training.
338. Person who likes to make yogurt, bake bread.
339. Person who enjoys making yogurt, bread and cheese.
340. 14 year old boy who loves basketball.
341. Lover of winter because everything white, pure and clean.
342. Mathematics learning specialist with doctorate in mathematics education.
343. Korean native.
344. Mom and researcher who finds it difficult and not fun living in foreign country.
345. “Watta-melon” ice cream birthday cake lover.
346. Former BU grad, from Brooklyn living in Chicago.
347. Person who rode bicycle across US this past summer.
348. Hospice volunteer interested in end of life thinking.
349. 100-mile ultramarathon dreamer!
350. Person who thinks about creating something out of nothing.
351. Person who lived in SÃo Paulo, Brazil for 6 months
352. Veteran yoga teacher & Thai yoga bodywork practitioner.
353. Expert fruit fly brain extractor.
354. Food blogger.
355. Yoga practicioner with 15 years experience in +20 countries.
356. Believer that good philosophical debate or cookies is key to someone’s heart.
357. Argentinian with Israeli wife and American kids.
358. Person who speaks Bahasa and climbed a volcano in Indonesia.
359. Person who enjoys spin classes.
360. Siberian native.
361. First French national with ebola was airlifted to France on September 19 and received 3 experimental drugs including Avigan (Toyota Chemical).
362. Passionate about improving patient access to medicines.
363. Grad student majoring in nanotechnology and passionate about green energy.
364. Backpacker across southern Africa who used technology to share adventures with family back home.
365. Outdoor and underwater explorer and adventurer.
366. Person who gets pink pedicures with her daughters.
367. Person who desires to go to Pakistan to empower young women through educational opportunities
368. Hard copy newspaper enthusiast.
369. Person raised a sixth generation family farm in Northeast Texas
370. Former cognitive neuroscience, public health, and education sector employee before moving to Boston.
371. Volleyball and kayaking enthusiast.
372. Former Star of the one-man show, Good Will Hunting in Five Minutes, in Maine.
373. Alias DJ Spectroscopy
374. BHS sophomore
375. Passionate about eyes.
376. First time TED attendee
377. Photography enthusiast
378. Former skydiver.
379. Person intentionally without a bicycle and TV
380. Lifelong Scouter who survived cardiac arrest while scouting.
381. Educational marketer by day and Batman by night.
382. Harley enthusiast
383. Waterfall climber
384. Non-profit entrepreneur.
385. Asian doctor.
386. Science enthusiast.
387. Person who plays ukulele and has a youtube channel
388. Person whose first name pronounces “Sexy” in English.
389. Person who applied to the wrong college and ended up attending it.
390. Freelance mascot — Super Mario, Underdog, Princess Presto, Scooby Doo!
391. TEDxSomerville organizer
392. BPS Special Education teacher.
394. Person who worked on Artificial Intelligence in Lugano, Switzerland
395. Person planning backpacking trip in South America through Patagonia and then teaching in Central America for a year.
396. Couple who met in dog park in New Orleans
397. Passionate TED enthusiast from Argentina pursuing M.S. in Boston.
398. Engineer who loves the arts, dancing and meeting new people.
399. Neighbor of a 2013 TedxBeaconStreet speaker
400. Owner of certified therapy pitbull.
401. 18 year old who has attended 10 schools.
402. Organizer of the TEDxBentleyU event March 2015.
403. Person whose eyes can sing
404. Person who lived in Nepal.
405. Organized of  TEDx sailing Adventure at Community Boating
406. Backcountry AMC ski trip leader in the Green/White Mountains
407. Person who hiked volcano crater.
408. Budget world traveler who traveled for 52 hours from Cairo to Amazon River in Brasil
409. Baker of anything allergen free
410 Person whose professor father was affiliated with Yale, Harvard, John Hopkins and Oxford!
411. TED talks and WBUR podcast enthusiast.
412. Teacher who didn’t learn to ride a bike until age 20.
413. OCD about color coding. 
414. Canadian optometry student @NECO.
415. TEDx enthusiast new to Boston.
416. Former science magazine writer and advanced scuba diver
417. TED Fan visiting Boston during TEDxBeaconStreet talks.
418 Inhabitant of house where horses, Nelson Mandela’s daughter, and a recording studio for J Giles once were housed.
419. Entrepeneur of company that brings technological products to rural Indians.
420. Collector of fun band aids
421. Employee of oldest Veteran’s Hospital in USA.
422. National tennis player who played in tournament 3 months after delivering third child!
423. Skydiving dilettante.
424. Woman who went on 6 month round the world honeymoon.
425. Person who can dunk a basketball.
426.Honey blogger: http://honeyarchives.blogspot.com/
427. Serial inventor.
428. Person with Masters in Logic.
429. Minesweeper expert with 62 second record.
430. Former nun
431. Brazilian who defies soccer and beach loving stereotypes
432. Fitness enthusiast especially for children.
433. Believer in flipped classrooms
434. Texting provocateur with random questions to personal contacts.
435. Child traveler to Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia via snowmobile and helicopter to explore volcanic activity, polar climate, and Siberian way of life.
436. Classic and sports car enthusiast.
437. Expectant new dad February 2015.
438. Neuron Researcher
439. Aspires to be high school history teacher.
440. TED talk enthusiast who uses talks as means for relaxation
441. Part Japanese, Russian, Indian and Jewish.
442. Ultimate connector!
443. Ice runner
444. Person with last name that is combo of made-up stage name of my French actor/comedian relative in the 1870s.
445. Peruvian living in Boston learning Russian
446. Person who sees parallels in networks and knitting.
447. Person who drove 12,000 miles from London to Mongolia in 750cc Fiat Panda.
448. Person who can write forwards and backwards equally legibly.
449. Unofficial tech guru.
450. Aspirations to travel to all 7 continents in my lifetime
451. Kitten and bacon lover!
452. Forced to attend by wife!
453. Nice, France Ironman participant.
454. Passionate person about education and media literacy
455. Competitor in 2014 Dragon Boat club crew world championships.
456. Person who ran down a mountain to save a man
457. Employee of company that makes $20k direct metal laser sintering 3d printer
458. 10 year Japanese yoga practitioner.
459. 20 year old who has traveled to +10 countries.
460. TEDx attendee bringing friends who don’t understand English.
461. Possibly the smallest person at this conference.
462. 20 year old who doesn’t shave their legs.
463. I lived in Colombia for three months.
464. First generation immigrant living American Dream.
465. First time live event attendee.
466. Person fascinated with how mobile technology has changed the way we live.
467. US county enthusiast who has traveled to 908 counties
468. Person with genetic ability to touch nose with tongue.
469. Massage therapist.
470. Theodore Roosevelt fan with cat named after him.
471. The youngest ever attendee (@ 4.5 wks of conception – in utero) and at 5 months and 9.5 months) to attend all four TEDxBeaconStreet and the youngest person on TEDxBeaconStreet Stage.
472. Former collegiate swimmer.
473. Designer of Help system for first Mac in 1984.
474. Solo European traveler.
475. Writer of Ethics Coach column for Entrepreneur Magazine
476. Person with grandmother who gave best piece of parenting advice
478. Postdoc planetary scientist studying Saturn and Jupiter (upper atmospheres) at BU.
479. Person who lives on same street as Colin Stokes.
480. Irish guy living in Boston
481. Person who lost winter cap on Great Wall of China.
482. Former Italian resident and European traveler.
483. Author of The Switch Witch and My Vegan Alphabet.
484. Person fluent in ancient Irish gaelic language
485. Adam & Adriann Davis enthusiast who is thrilled they are part of her life and inspired by them.
486. Singing lawyer
487. Science entrepreneur wannabe.
488. Workshop leader of  “Girls make the city”.
489. Rap artist Nas enthusiast.
490. I lived in 5 countries.
491 Creative computer science graduate student hoping to create cool stuff.
492. Traveler to 50+ countries and addicted to knowledge
493. Person with irrational fear of butterflies
494. English teacher to students from 30+ different countries.
495. I want to travel to every continent.
496. Active martial arts practitioner for 38 years
497. BU student with best friends from London and Holland.
498. A Mecatronics Engineer from Ecuador learning English before pursuing a master’s degree in USA.
499. Leader of grassroots innovation effort at Stapless.
500. Person who works on regenerating limbs.
501. Lefty who plays badminton right handed.
502. I was born on Friday 13th.
503. Amatuer French champagne connoisseur
504. Godfather of wearable computing
505. Creator of most popular gum flavored ice cream in family ice cream business in Ecuador.
506. A silk cook.
507. Recent 6 month resident of Cambodia
508. Former student of Chinese at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California.
509. Comedy lover. 
510. Long time Democrat activist in Massachusetts starting with McGovern.
511. US Patent Holder
512. Juggler
513. Person with floating rib that gets detected as sharp object in airport scanners.
514. Climber who recently summited +14k Mount Shasta in Cascade Range of N. California and is training for Mount Rainier.
515. Former Carmen Sandiego contestant
516. Skateboarding dilettante.
517. Stresser of cells.
518. Former resident of Hong Kong and world traveler.
519. Former exchange student in Centerville, SD (the “smallest village in the world” with 300 population)
520. 35 years old who has license but has never owned a car
521. Person who bought inflatable kayak within allowable baggage on trip to Puerto Rico.
522. Person who helps bring companies founded and operated by high school students to market.
523. Swiss resident for 6 years to get MS/PhD.
524. Chemistry Phd who is currently studying bioinformatics
525. Obsessed with any type of Paddling (kayaking, rowing, SUP, Canoeing, doggie paddle, you name it).
526. Corporate Shaman
527. Person with very long hair
528.Neuroscience and Computer Science Major Student.
529. TBD
530. Person who can solder circuits and conduct multiparty conference calls at the same time.
531. Physician-scientist who showed that vitamin D can help prevent hospital-acquired infections!
532. Avid rower and coxswain
533. “They say to age with grace is a wonder / I’d say it’s strange enough just growing old.”
534. Relative of Bob Dylan.
535. Finnish Trip Advisor employee who studied design in Italy.
536. Musician who can’t read Bass Clef.
537. Teacher of Spring 2015 class on entrepreneurship and strategy
538. Irish dancer
539. Recent runner of hackathon at a zen dojo.
540. Chocolate milk fiend.
541. Global health org employees
542. Hiking and surfing adventurer.
543. Public relations guru
544. Passionate about telecom infrastructure.
545. Person who walked across the Andes from Argentina to Chile
546. Former souvenir employee at Empire State Building’s 86th floor observatory who has a bolt from building to prove it!
547. Co-Creator of the Rock Band and Dance Central Video game franchises.
548. Passionate about creating a positive impact on the world through innovative experience design.
549. Person who can recite 500 digits of Pi
550. Great grandchild of a financier of bootlegging industry during prohibition.
551. Chair of the Brookline Democratic Town Committee
552. Lover of Crash Bandicoot.
553. Person with very little
554. Person with fear of carrots.
555. Founder of www.tapepoetry.com to bring poetry to the streets.
556. Fly fisher of big fish in faraway places.
557. Urban researcher of hearsay and hunches.
558. High school Ed teacher at a psychiatric hospital in New York City.
559. +90 country world traveler who identified over 100 trends
560. First time Ironman participant on brand new bike (less than 20 miles)
561. Speaker of “the perfect hack for running a 100 mile mountain race”.
562. Person who can speak, sing, and laugh in a tiny, alien-like voice.
563. Volunteer to Tanzania to build school in rural Maasai village
564. Father/Saint of four daughters.
565. Free spirit, scientist, humanist, surgeon
566. TEDx successful networker.
567. Owner of Blue Wave Art Gallery
568. Parent of twins who lived in Thailand for a year.
569. Person who has had the BEST and WORST year in 2014!
570. TEDxBeaconStreet 2013 set design inspired earnest soda can recycler.
571. Computer scientist with market applications hopes to connect coding skills with the gaming world.
572. Pet peacock owner.
573. Social policy writer who enjoys tackling triathlons.
574. Closet Electrical engineer
575. Planner of children’s activities that demonstrate real job skills.
576. Adventure seeker.
577. Peter Pan
578. Person with huge and ambitious to-do/wish.
579. Person who wants to learn French and American Sign Language in the next year
580. Social dodgeball league player.
581. Person with 6 (successful?) startups
582. Whistler
583. Media studies student and first time TEDxBeaconStreet attendee
584. Locavore
585. Former llama owner.
586. Person involved with Innovation in Action programs.
587. Person who moved to Boston because of clam chowder.
588. Man with 5 sisters who understands importance of putting toilet seat down
589. Youngest of 8 siblings
590. Person who biked up Vail Mountain without stopping.
591. Social Justice Advocate
592. Tanagram translator
593. Aerial silk circus performer
594. Jack of all trades, master of a few (Biotech)
595. Irish citizen via Australia and Scotland to USA.
596. Curator of TEDx in St. Louis. 
597. Fan at final game of 2004 World Series who saw Boston end the 86 year long “Curse of the Bambino”.
598. Former high school teacher
599. Sea lion volunteer at New England Acquarium.
600. Former professional salsa dancer
601. Inventor of homeostatic autonomously controlled quadcopter
602. Sustainable development practicioner
604. Person who enjoys fishing, gardening, woodworking, palindromes and anagrams.
605. Person who paid to work from home
606. Person who can make eyebrows wave
607. Abstract portrait artist who painted Richard Pryor and his wife Jennifer Lee.
608.Adventurer went to NASA Space Camp
609. Adventurer who followed route taken by Robert E. Lee and Army of Northern Virginia in 1865 retreat from Petersburg to Appomattox
610. Vacationed as laborer on an Iowa farm
611.Mountain lover.
612. Believer that humans are more good than evil.
613. Person without finger print on left middle finger!
614. King fu enthusiast.
615. Hospice volunteer.
616. Statistician with National Biotechnology Development Agency
617.Former student who got sick at end of every semester and missed or postponed tests.
618. Recreational potter
619. Person missing a knuckle on both hands.
620. Inspired by doing great things with great people.
621. Author of book entirely about marshmallow peeps and their use in alcoholic beverages.
622. Person without a fun fact at moment.
623. Japanese descendent born in Korea and raised in America.
624. Future world traveler looking for places to go.
625. I am a graduate student at Boston University.
626. Visitor to Tokyo Disneyland 100 times.
627. Person who skypes with dog in Argentina
628. Dual citizen of Cyprus and US.
629. Fluent in Franglais.
630. Recent Recipient of Doctoral in Education while working.
631. Amateur radio volunteer providing communications at net control for the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.
632. Person who was inches close to death 3x in my life.
633. Business analyst at Experian Data Quality.
634. Person who is always laughing or smiling.
635. Person with ape factor of two inches!
636. TEDxBeaconStreet enthusiast.
637. Former competitive swimmer and 5th degree black belt in Shotokan karate.
638. Person with tremendous appetite for higher learning in a group setting
639. TED Fan
640. Person with Ordinal Linguistic Personification
641. Pilot with work in MOMA!
642. Former English teacher
643. Exhibitor of  antique knives and related ephemera.
644. Restorer of medieval house in Vilafames, Spain.
645. Researcher with artificial neural networks.
646. Person who launched James Franco’s acting career with Sony Handicam. 
647. Engineering student who curated a panel discussion on Latin American art while in college.
648. Person who enjoys working with “Chicago Bird Collision Monitors”. www.birdmonitors.net 
649. Imminently expectant mother.
650. Tufts 10k runner
651. Developer of complete product/service experiences that change people’s lives
652. Recently I’ve been immersed in mobile Virtual Reality, devices for children & parents, smart home interfaces… and some really cool smartphones.
653. Concert photographer for website IndieMinded
654. Soccer enthusiast
655. Person who recently completed Camino de Santiago route
656. Rugby enthusiast
657. Former cake decorator which pre-dates Food Network cake decorating stars!
658. Engineer student who attempts to imbue artistic elements into technical works
659. Taiwanese student who studied in Japan and now is studying in US
660. A twin
661. Person from Great White North to hear my brother-in-law give a talk
662. Time Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2006
663. Child concert pianist who couldn’t play the piano?
664. Print and web media maven
665. Astronomy geek
666. Person who met first female Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago
667. Engineer who helped turn Fight Club into alternate reality game.
668. Certified storm spotter in Pender County, North Carolina
669. Person who swam 10 miles in Boston Harbor
670. Person with fear of speaking but not singing in front of audience.
671. Person who read the Harry Potter series at least 10 times
672. Registered nurse with guilty pleasure of watching too many TED talks!
673. Huge fan of Old Time Radio and Film Noir.
674. Adventure seeker despite childhood near-death canoe experience
675. Experienced Sailor
676. Beach lover who dabbles in politics and public policy.
677.  Person who introduced Lemmings computer game to the USA in the early 90s.
678. Person studying if correlation exists between intensity of insurgency attacks in Afghanistan and commodity prices.
679. Former TEDxBeaconStreet volunteer promoting mock TED talks for high school students 
680. Insect lover.
681. American-Israeli dual citizen
682. Phone call promoter
683. Inventor with dozen patents learning to play the piano.
684. Multi-lingual, half-marathon runner and general life enthusiast!
685. Person who believes “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”
686. Sleep talker
687. Person who makes perfect fried egg and paper cranes and can say “Hello” in Tongan.
688. Person with 1000 recipes.
689. Gregarious person who entertains frequently
690. App inventor which will bring quality food to doorsteps.
691. Aspires to be a farmer
692. Person who slept in crypt in Syria, in house boat in Kashmir, in tent on Anatolian Plateau, and on felucca on the Nile.
693. Neophyte organizer of demonstration for right to health
694. Asian with Afro hair.
695. Jigsaw Puzzle lover who completed 4000 piece jigsaw puzzle.
696. Masters in Food, Culture and Communications from Italian university.
 697. Recent open bisexual
698.  Shower singer.
699. MD-MBA candidate interested in healthcare delivery systems and payment models, excited to hear talks about new ideas in healthcare.
700. Bolivian forced to flee with family to Brazil as a teenager because entrepeneurial father outspoken against socialist President
701. Person who regrows nerve.
702. Computer Scientist with vast knowledge of African Literature.
703. Person with irrational fear of butterflies
704. Beer enthusiast
705. Person who has taught English to students from +30 countries.
706. Active martial arts practitioner for 38 years.
707. Researcher who listens to TED talks while working at lab bench.
708. Person who believes TED talks are as contagious as conjunctivitis
709. Person with little artistic talent who grew up in family of artists.
710. 14 year Fidelity veteran.
711. Person who plays the bouzouki
712. Person who grew up on free range turkey farm in Minnesota.
713. Person who has moved every year for past ten years and values friendships and experiences over things most value are experiences and friends.
714. Former RN and attorney who likes to dance.
715. Canadian who has met four British Prime Ministers
716. Former high school soccer player from Vancouver whose teammates now play on several World Cup soccer teams.
717. Corporate Shaman
718. IT project manager who wants to learn more IT.
719. Peruvian applicant to Harvard School of Public Policy and Administration with dreams of improving Peruvian government
720. Person who has lived in Saudi Arabia and UK.
721. Former boxer as hobby.
722. Optometry student and Fashion Designer with clothing line called Om by Vaish
723. 18 year old Indian student who experienced Minneapolis winter.
724. SF Giants fan in Boston.
725. Scientist with marketing passion.
726. Traveler to Himalayan foothills.
727. Dreamer/believer that Back Bay will no longer have roadways but canals like Amsterdam. 
728. Very emotional person who connects well with clients
729. A yarnbomber!
730. Shea Rose’s Mom!
731. Person hit by 2 cars and has escaped both accidents relatively scot-free.
732. 26 year old who worked as community organizing fellow on Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign in St. Louis, MO.
733. Person who can read words upside down and/or backwards as fast as the left-to-right standard.
734. A human-centered design junkie who built a 2,000+ person innovation community in DC.
735. Person who loves wheelie electric motorcycles
736. Person who loves Maine.
737. Person who grew up in Boston’s old West End.
738. Filipino American who grew up in Saudi Arabia.
739. Person obsessed with chocolate/desserts
740. Tall person
741. Bagel maker from New Jersey.
742. Person who recently rode an elephant in Jaipur.
743. Student who understands how to become a “renouncer” in contemporary China
744. Person who worked with Queen Noor in Jornda to develop the Cultue of Peace Program
745. Person who once housed the former princess of Libya
746. International award nominee for work done with underprivileged children in India.
747. Experience seeker
748. Person who is studying for written portion of pilot’s license.
749. Person who studies daily growth of teeth_
750. Hopeful Real Madrid substitute player.
751. Father of TED talk presenter.
752. Japanese newspaper company employee.
753. Former disillusioned cookie factory summer employe
754. Hula hooper
755. Mentor a high school development program Leaders of Tomorrow
756. Bicycle enthusiast
757. MBA candidate working on turning house into smart house
758. Macedonian who loves to travel
759. Nomad Startup founder
760. First TEDx curator in Republic of Moldova.
761. German biotechnologist at MIT working on synthetic biology research.
762. Bavarian who has worked in Asia
763. Tech human resource person interested in learning commercial, business and entrepreneurial skills.
764.Recent winner of pitching place at TechCocktail conference in Las Vegas, promoting mobile app, Date My Wardrobe.
765. Chapter Director for Startup Grind Edinburgh and Glasgow chapters in Scotland.
766. Person multilingual in Swedish, Arabic and English.
767. Person with altitude sickness while hiking up Mt. Salkantay
768. Person with 1/8 Netherlands ancestry.
769. Research of artificial neural networks.
770. Eager learner
771. Co-authored of paper on mindful and cross-cultural negotiation.
772. Lifelong vegetarian since birth!
773. Fluent in Nepali
774 Person who believes silliness is important for mental and physical wellness.
775. Person once bit by a lion.
776. 2007-2009 Peace corps volunteer in Mexico
777. Teach For America-Mississippi Delta ‘10 corps alumni.
778. Frequent climber of Mount Afadjato in Ghana while a student there.
779. New funk pianist player.
780. Person with banana phobia.
781. Silicon Valley native and technology enthusiast passionate about growth and development of at risk and special needs children.
782. Logo and user interface designer
783. Person with 4” long C section birth scar.
784. Engineering and Rackets/Raquets game enthusiast.
785. Person whostudied abroad in Denmark.
786. Moth pet owner
787. Person who pirana fished in Amazon River.
788. Person who harmonizes with the radio.
789. Trombone player.
790.Family of 5 recently arrived in US to live.
791. German now living in Boston
792. Early Childhood education major and nanny.
793. A digital nomad
794. Tufts student taking entrepreneurial class.
795. Lover of street graffiti
796. Fashion manager at Banana Republic.
797. Copywriter and actress
798. Former AirForce Pararescue special operations program participant.
799. Lover or portrait photography.
800. Environmental researcher in the Canadian oil sands.
801. Scotsman and Saltire fellow at Babson
802. Person who likes Frontier Elite II and F18 Interceptor.
803.Only Canadian employee of Scottish ShawCor Ltd
804. English language teacher to international students.
805. Sports movie enthusiast.
806. Feminist and progressive democrat.
807. Wife who loves her husband of 38 years!
808. Person tongue kissed by a giraffe in Kenya.
809. Person with passion for medicine and photography after studying abroad in Kenya.
810. Person with 2 beautiful daughters born on the same exact day 2 years apart. 
811. Host of Purpose Rockstar Podcast
812. Mentor to artists who turn art into business
813. A Franco Colombian American
814. Person who moved from Cambridge, UK, to Cambridge, MA
815. Entrepreneur, mountain climber, marathon runner
816. Student who occasionally skips class to attend TEDx events.
817. Person who sings in early morning and wakes up housemates.
818. A marathon and ultra marathon runner
819. Big fan of dancing classrooms
820. Hungarian student researching global child protection laws
821. Former lunch companion of Julian Assange
822. Lego Group employee on crowdsourcing community LEGO Ideas
823. On-air public radio host at WUMB-FM
824. Re-entrant to workforce after 16 years. 
825. Award winning designer of Family Entertainment Centers and small amusement parks
826. Person who is convinced mice can laugh
827. Person who has fond memories of meteor showers in childhood.
828. Pakistan’s former #1 tennis player and a member of the Federation Cup team.
829. Newsweek Pakistan’s top 100 women who matter in 2012.
830. Teacher of Psychology of Friendship.
831. Person who enjoys Viking history and Norse mythology
832. Member of the plasma club.
833. Lifelong Brookline resident and student.
834. Person who backpacked through Australia for a month with only 6 items of clothing.
835.Koleinu choir member.
836. Person who swam the escape from Alcatraz 4 times.
837. Former manager on info side of 1st Web server at ORNL.
838. Toastmasters participant using TED talks for inspiration
839. Person who loves Lake Winnepesaukee
840. Crossfitter
841. Certified rescue scuba diver and learning tango.
842. Recycler of everything.
843. Astronomer who has worked in support of the operation of the Hubble space telescope
844. Author of dissertation on the experience of feeling stuck
845. Dad, scientist, traveler
846. Person who enjoys a mean cocktail, a stimulating conversation, and a festive spirit
847. Founder of 3 different women’s giving circles.
848. Person who has spent the night in jail.
849. A pathologist
850. Person whose family owns a knife sharpening company
851. 100 day World traveler by sea
852. Brazilian Entrepreneur abandoned by parents at age 12.
853. Founder of first Brazilian LCD panel repair facility.
854. Pilot who flew extensively on the Greenland Ice Cap with ski planes.
855. TEDx connector.
856. Person who is fireproof.
857. Scottish Government employee.
858. Person who sledded down active volcano in Nicaragua.
859. Person who loves hockey, speaking Chinese and knitting.
860. Person who thinks TED is Bill’s buddy
861. Attendee at Woodstock
862. Simmons nursing student.
863. Believer in power of theater to change lives
864. Founder of student events promotion company in UK
865. Person with repertoire of woefully underutilized circus skills.
866. Storyteller of ancient China
867. Former Music Cognition Researcher
868. Person working on Assisted Contact Tracing (ACT) system for ebola response
869. Executive director for a teaching initiative involving simulation.
870. TED junkie who saw Candy Chang’s TED talk come to life in Spain.
871. Lookout on 50m vessel that crossed the Atlantic.
872. Purple lover
873. Volunteer in rural China building librairies.
874. An electronic producer
875. Investment banker turned Entrepreneur
876. Person infatuated with cameras.
877. Wake surfer in the middle of the night with glow sticks and house music.
878. Person who connects people returning to work after a career break with employers interested in hiring them
879. Racquetball player, documentary film maker, family care giver.
880. Babson MBA student
881. Student researching Adoption Policy for senior thesis.
882. Person who lived within walking distance from Lincoln School as child.
883. Person with full page photo in major Indian Newspaper.
884. Avid cyclist
885. Person who can hop up 6 inch curb in wheelchair
886. Blind person
887. Professional in an industry which should be the wrong fit based on personality.
888. Aspiring poet, former personal style blogger.
889. Long distrance runner training for the 2016 Track and Field USA Olympic Team
890. Former tap dancer
891. Grassroots women’s rights organizations volunteer Thailand/Burma border and Kenya.
892. Believer in class mobility.
893. Well-educated person who lived in women’s shelter.
894. Perpetual student.
895. Charles river runner
896. Novemer project Harvard stadium star
897. Person who likes obscure cheeses.
898. Person with wind phobia
899. Person who likes Wassily Kandinsky’s art.
900. Connoisseur of Mexican food.
901. Heavy Metal/Rock scene observer in countries like India and Nepal
902. Lover of Ray Harryhausen films.
903. Coder who believes coding is not always creative and fun
904. Random Skill Hoarder
905. Wall Street dreamer
906. Former 8th grade BPS teacher.
907. Biology major and wannabe dentist turned MBA
908. Retiree working at two free clinics in Boston suburbs.
909. Fluent in English, Hindi, Telugu and Arabic
910. Person who lives to love and loves to live
911. Dabbler of slam poetry
912. Person bit by a wolf as a child and lost an eye
913. Videographer and editter at public access station.
914. A serious foodie
915. Supporter of Shea Rose
916. Global oil & gas company executive on leave in Boston
917. Builder of quadcopter
918. Hobbyist of making small leather goods
919. Tamer of little monsters.
920. Venezuelan crowdfunding his education in Boston
921. Banker changing careers
922. Person who enjoys discussing issues of diversity, race and privilege.
923. Investment banker with interests also in non profit
924. Person hoping to see snow for the first time
925. Illustrator for science and medical community
926. A staff photographer for Perkins School for the Blind
927. Person who lit hair on fire to disprove flammability of Vodka.
928. Person who eats same breakfast every morning.
929. Scene designer and carpenter for local high school theatre troup
930. Fitness competitor
931. Former Boston ballet dancer.
932. Former co-worker with dictator’s son who was groomed to become a president.
933. Ciaran Foley’s brother.
934. Rider who chased cows on horseback in MT.
935. Successful rookie three-tier wedding cake baker
936. Person who enjoys dying hair non-“typical” colors.
937. Medieval literature graduate
938. Passionate about reading.
939. PhD in psychology over cooking school
940. Lover of food and the science of cooking
941. Recent Collaborator on bylaw to protect a historic  Brookline neighborhood.
942. Marine biology student
943. Volunteer with Moroccan NGO Amis des Ecoles
944. Writer and public affairs guy.
945. Blogger about personal fitness journey http://gettingfitinma.wordpress.com
946. Co-worker with Engineers but horrible at math.
947. Obsessed with November Project
948. Parent of TED talk presenter.
949. 2014 NYC Marathon runner who broke leg while running.  This just happened!
950. Person who lived on house boat in Kashmir.
951. Person who lived in tent on Anatolian Plateau
952. South American female backpacker
953. Member of competitive Indian dance team
954. Person with alopecia areata
955. Person with non-pulmonary tuberculosis as a baby
956. Former political administrator for the Obama and Cuomo administrations
957. Professor interested in social networks, reducing mass incarceration, and comprehensive approaches to reducing youth violence
958. Worker in mobile health clinics in Peruvian Amazon and in mountains of Haiti.
959. Anti social person looking for meaning connections
960 Team member of protocol known as XMPP
961. Founder of non profit to promote importance of effective parenting
962. Passionate about bringing people together from all over the world to work on future solutions.
963. Developer at DREAMICON Valley
964. Person who grew up in woods and house heated by Tulikivi
965. Food lover
966. Mother, physician, world traveler, athlete, wife
967. Banker turned improve comedian
968. Sorority sister who chose TEDxBeaconStreet video over party.
969. Author of novel about love, addiction, race, and urban renewal
970. Person who would enjoy sleeping in with her cats.
971. Person who enjoys a good game of pinball
972. Person who likes Laverne & Shirley, FRIENDS and the Monkees
973. Daughter of dad who makes good spaghetti, iced tea and garlic bread
974. Woman with aunt storyteller
975. Person who heard Dyan DeNapoli, “The Great Penguin Rescue,”
976. Boston’s first comedy critic
977. Avid hiker, gardener, biker
978. Body literacy instructor
979. Person who can recite 740 digits of Pi
980. Student of West African percussion and dance in Republic of Guinea
981. NECO student
982. Saltire fellow
983. Scientist who can make a mitotic spindle in 30 mins from just the parts in the lab
984. Person with close friend who was Minnie Mouse at Disneyland
985. Person who likes meeting international people
986. Computer Engineer that engages in open-source community
987. Herald of War
988. Closet techie who loves jazz, classical music, especially Baroque and plays piano.
989. High school dropout
990. MIT physics alum
991. Passionate TEDxMontreal organizer
992. Organizer of 10 TEDx events (TEDxHGSE; TEDxSantaMonica, TEDxYouth@SantaMonica).
 993. Tea experimenter
994. Person with strong toes
995. BU student studying in Australia Spring 2015
996. Paper crane maker
997. Person who can say “Hello” in Tongan.
998. Host of radio show featuring world gypsy music
999. World traveler who moved to the US on board of the Queen Mary 2 to attend the Sloan Fellows Program at MIT.
1000. Two time Ironman participant