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Fun Facts about TEDxBeaconStreet applicants

Who are TEDxBeaconStreet applicants?  They are scientists and students, leaders and thinkers and lovers of life. They are eclectic. They are interested and interesting. They are you!

TEDxBeaconStreet places equal value on its audience and and its speakers. We ask our audience applicants to tell us a fun fact — something interesting, surprising or unusual about themselves.  Here are just a few of the fun facts we received yesterday…

  • A book is being written about me.
  • I am a Cuban in Boston hoping that TED gets to Cuba in the future! Ideas can re-build a country!
  • I am trying to build a robot pet.
  • I’m a biker a hiker a maker a father and a husband and I draw inspiration from these life roles to maintain passion and energy for my work as an environmental engineer.
  • I am a secret agent for love!
  • I started the new Hubway Bike Share system in Boston.
  • I can move my ears.
  • I forage wild edible mushrooms.
  • I’m an early childhood educator and director of a cooperative preschool. I love to knit.
  • I’m a good whistler.
  • Once I lived at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in India.
  • I have visited the Arctic Circle.
  • Summited Mt. Kilimanjaro. Took part with the first volunteer group to assist in building the Junbesi Medical Center in Nepal.
  • I’m an actor singer and dancer and I’m really good at math.
  • I’m a high altitude balloon photography nut!
  • When I was in pre-school I had a shirt with an embroidered flower on the right side of the chest.  Sometimes the flower would be on the left side of my shirt.  It was my favorite shirt because I thought it was magical.  Only 30 yrs later did I think back on that favorite magical shirt and realized that I was alternating between wearing it correctly and inside-out.