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Fun Facts about our 2013 Audience

Register now and meet these fascinating people in the audience on November 16 and 17.

 >>>>> I like making plastic models, even at my advanced age of over 50  >>>>>  I have maintained my ability to pick small objects up with my toes since childhood  >>>>>  I lost 100 pounds a few years ago, and have kept them off and no, I don’t want them back  >>>>>  I am excited about ideas and getting people together  >>>>>  I’m the only person in my family who has gone to college  >>>>>  I mentor young global leaders to develop their own communities and networks  >>>>>  I have lived in four states, seven countries and three continents  >>>>>  I’m a mechanical engineering student at MIT who is passionate about education reform and engineering to redesign health, I thrive off of inspiration from both friends and mentors and I love nothing else more than hearing the thoughts and dreams of the people around me  >>>>>  I’m a descendant of President Grover Cleveland  >>>>>  I have spent more than 35 years helping non-profits use technology and information to fundraise  >>>>>  I hosted an event in Washington, DC with the Chief Development Officers of the 100 largest non-profits  >>>>>  I had an experience with one of my early students ignited my passion for education tutoring, she worked so hard, rising above her comfort zone, to prepare for a very important test… My “aha” moment came when I got a phone call from her the night after the test telling me that she had aced the test, and how excited and thankful she was for what I had done  >>>>>  I am teaching myself to play trumpet and speak Italian; practicing and studying are two of my favorite and most self-directed pursuits over the past year  >>>>>  I’m a student intern at Massachusetts General Hospital in the Neuroendocrine Unit researching genetics of anorexia nervosa, neuro-imaging of appetite pathways, and the influence of oxytocin on appetite  >>>>> I took my first Entrepreneurship class at age 17, but did not start a profitable business until age 33  >>>>>  I went to this TEDx event last year and had a BLAST  >>>>> I am learning to speak 4 natural languages, and 2 programming languages–simultaneously  >>>>>  I chair the eLearning Committee at the the Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown, MA – our goal is an online education service for blind individuals, their teachers and their families around the world  >>>>>  I am a marketing scientist focusing on Persuasive Technology in the urban landscape, particularly sustainable transportation  >>>>>  I graduated from the University of the Arts Berlin from the Strategic Communication program and majored in Psychology and Innovation  >>>>> I was selected as one of the “100 Most Creative People in Business” by Fast Company for my work in and around cities  >>>>>  I’m trying to get the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law amended to permit public Internet discussions  >>>>>  I’m interested in voting methods that are better than plurality voting  >>>>>  I want to encourage citizen engagement in government decision making processes  >>>>>  I drove 140mph on the autobahn  >>>>>  I’ve finished 10 marathons  >>>>>  I used to be a competitive mountain biker  >>>>>  I traveled over 6000km last summer, experiencing countries like Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, the United Kingdom  >>>>>  I honeymooned on the Amazon River 25 years ago  >>>>>  When I was just a few years old I’d wake up in the morning and declare to my parents that I had a big idea, I was already a skilled hustler – I realized I wanted to eat corn with cinnamon on it so I told my babysitter that my parents put cinnamon on my corn and told my parents that my babysitter did – It took them years before they realized what I had engineered  >>>>>  I worked as a DJ at China National Radio station when I was 16, wrote and produced my own program that was broadcasted on Mondays for over a year   >>>>>  I’m on a mission to turn students and teachers into entrepreneurs in spirit and action, so that they have more options in life and so we can all take advantage of the great things they will achieve by thinking and acting like entrepreneurs  >>>>>  I’m knitting an Icelandic sweater  >>>>>  My passion is the development of interdisciplinary teams focused on the creation of compelling strategies that empower organizations to the highest level of performance. I lead demanding, complex projects for dynamic clients, which requires a strong ability to verbally and visually articulate clear ideas and concepts.