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Don’t Give Up Yet!

Did you make a New Year’s resolution?

How’s it going so far?

Studies show that about half of Americans make a resolutions of self-improvement during the holidays. However, after about a month, half of them give up; the excitement of the holiday is gone, the difficulty of changing a routine becomes apparent,  and people slowly slip out of the habits they resolved to make.

We at TEDxBeaconStreet are here to say, “Don’t give up yet!” Constant evolution of habit and the introduction of new ideas are crucial to our development as people; the idealism of New Year’s resolutions is not to be belied. We believe that optimism can create change.

However, optimism and enthusiasm aren’t everything; we know you can’t just take it from us. Instead, we’ll share some resolutions inspired by our 2016 Speakers. We hope their great ideas and carefully crafted talks can help you beat the statistics and stick with those resolutions!

Be more green! We’ve heard plenty about climate change and global warming on our stage – but what are we doing about it? If we recycle and compost, and we bike or carpool to work, and we’re conscious about our food choices, is that it? Jeff Saviano of Ernst & Young thinks not; he has a great idea for helping whole regions reduce their carbon footprints and help save the planet.


Get healthy. The media world and the diet industry are all ready to tell us what we should look like, how we should eat, and what we should do…and it’s all confusing and contradictory! Not a lot of help for those who just want to be their best and healthiest selves. Fortunately, health coach Laura Ingalls has some simple advice for everyone. What’s the first step? Drop weight loss.


Build your career. This is a pretty common resolution for younger professionals – but how does does it happen? Kristen Puchek is a leader at Deloitte Consulting, and she counsels millenials to “own the label.” More broadly, she shows us how to turn our habits into strengths, and to recognize that outside-the-box thinking can help organizations move forward.


Learn something new every day. There are dozens of new innovations that we heard about just this year, just on our stage; mind-bending research (literally and figuratively, it turns out; see Deblina Sarkar‘s talk to hear about that) is being conducted all around us. The natures of intelligence and reality are being examined and rebuilt by scientists in VR and AI labs; just ask Joscha Bach or Jiten Dajee. Being just a little bit more plugged in to the relentless optimism of researchers and their constant quest for discovery can give us hope and motivation even on the worst days.


Have the tough conversations. It’s hard to confront negative realities, but it’s a crucial that we engage with difficult realities or ideas – especially since so many of those difficult questions involve harm being done to someone else. This year is bound to require lots of difficult, reality-changing, cross-aisle conversations. Sarah Beaulieu of the Enliven Project gave us a primer on how to talk to men about sexual violence. As Sarah told us, talking about tough stuff is a skill. We’re resolved to get some practice.


Practice self-reflection. The only way we grow is through confronting biases, assumptions, and gaps in our understanding. David Howse of Emerson College told us a story about confronting bias. We may feel uncomfortable, like we’re in the wrong the minute we open our mouths, but pushing past that first moment is what leads to growth.


As the new year settles in and people return to their work and their habits,  it’s important to divest from the idea that having a routine means you always have to have the same routine. Our TEDxBeaconStreet community is a great example of how, with just a little bit of connectivity and inspiration from the right people, amazing things are possible.