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Diablo Adventure in Glass

30 Adventurers of all ages experience glass art in action

Diablo is a place where beginning and experienced glass artists are welcome to share a nurturing environment, to grow and develop their creative skills in a warm, inviting atmosphere. 30 adventurers experienced the sheer beauty of glass making, guided by artist Matt Cronin.

Some perspectives from adventurers:

“Matt has been working at his craft for years but he hadn’t lost a kid’s perspective of how much wonder and awe inspiration can come from a bunch of melted sand.”

“It was beautiful to see the molten glass wiggle on the design table as if it were an inchworm.  Then, as it hardened, the molten glass was introduced to shapes and molds and then into its final form. However, as the glass was not annealed properly, the glass inevitably shattered.”

“Matt was the master and it seemed that there was nothing he could not get the glass to become.”

“Who knew that glass making was so cool? Who knew that TEDx would be so inspiring?”